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Williamsburg Galleries
Galleries in Williamsburg are open late with opening events and special performances.

17 frost
17 Frost
Thurs-Sunday 12-6
Between Images and Words: Exhibition by Jorge L. Porrata. July 12th to August 3rd

7 Dunham Place
7 Dunham Place
Every Little Thing Must Go Wrong, Photo exhibit + dual book release by Ricardo Lozano. Ricardo will be exhibiting close to 300 prints that were shot this year alone, launching two new books totaling 300 pages and launching a limited line of apparel.

AG Gallery
107A North 3rd Street
12-8 every day
Takao Sakata, August 22 – 28.

Art 101
101 Grand St.
Fri-Sun 1 - 6
also by appointment.
Duet - Theresa Ellerbrock and Susan Mayr. Sept.12 - Oct.12
Opening: Friday September 12, 6-9.Arc Across the Vortex, curated by Jenny Lynn McNutt - sculpture by Ellen Driscoll, Eve Andree Laramee, and Mary Ziegler. Oct. 17 - Nov. 16
Brooklyn Art Library
103A North 3rd St.
12-8pm Everyday
The Sketchbook Project, a collection of close to 30,000 sketchbooks (and counting) submitted by people of all ages and backgrounds from around the world. Thats over a million pages of original artwork made by everyday people, from arts professionals to students, kids, parents, and anyone in between.

Brooklyn Oenology
209 Wythe Avenue
Patrick Todd, Patrick Todd’s small-scale oil paintings evoke puzzle pieces; Chinese finger traps worn out from overuse; space travel. Todd’s bright, interlocking, enigmatic forms, imply bent light, and with it the sorts of prismatic scientific experiments that lay bare our optical apparatus. April 15th – May 30th.

City Reliquary
370 Metropolitan
Thursday-Sunday 12-6PM
Thoughtfully arranged artifacts of NYC’s history.

A Dark Day in Sunnyside, The Dick Power Story, a bike obsessed life of damage and redemption. Through August.
Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street
Tues-Sun, 12-6
Kraken, Seher and Smithe, These prolific Mexican artists have been rocking the art scene, painting murals, creating posters and showing original works all over the world. August 15th- September 10th.

Manimal Friends, Ramiro Davaro-Comas. An exhibit of original artwork from his newly released children’s book, Manimal Friends!
Opening: Saturday September 06, 7pm.
El Museo de Los Sures
120 South First St.
(718) 387-3600
Tuesday-Thursday, 12:00PM-6:00

Elephant Art/ Endangered Artists
566 Lorimer St. #1FR
Tues – Sat, 1–7
Art & Fashion by Elephants, brand new works by Thai artists, Yod Yeam and Noppakhao. The event is free but proceeds from sales and donations go to benefit the elephants themselves.

168 North 6th St.
Sat-Sun 1-6
And The Wiinner Is... paintings by Brooklyn artist George Spencer with select 20th century works by notable artists who have explored various forms of competition. September 6 - October 5.
Opening: Friday September 12, 6-9. Musical performance by Paul Buffa and Nicholas Grodsky, featuring their 1978 Fender Rhodes Mark

Firehouse 212
134 Wythe Avenue (betw. N. 8th and N. 9th Streets)

Front Room Gallery
147 Roebling St
Fri-Sun 1-6
Brutal Legacy, Sean Hemmerle, in this recent series of photographs, Hemmerle shows images of an imperiled Brutalist masterwork, The Orange County Government Center in Goshen, NY.
Opening: Friday September 05, 8pm .
Gitana Rosa
19 Hope Street
Saturdays 12-6
experior: try, test, experienceInaugural fall group show curated by Lauren Wolchik featuring diverse media and events inspired by a flashcard from a "How to Learn Latin" set. OhFaSho pop-up pizza store hosted by Chef Lé B(l)a(ck)tman will be open for business Saturday evening, September 27th.
Opening: Friday September 12, 6-9.
246 Union Avenue
Tues. 7-11 Sat 1-5
Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry, One on One performance.
Opening: Friday September 19, 7-11.Miho Tsujii, Performance.
Opening: Tuesday September 23, 8pm. 

Performance by Tania Alice, Tuesday, September 30, 8pm.

Poetry performance by Miriam Atkin, Tuesday, October 7, 8pm

Cherry Orchard Garage Sale, 24 hour theater production by Cacolet Collective. Friday, October 10, 6pm- Saturday, October 11, 6pm

Goatshed Gallery
256 N. 9th St
Sat-Sun 1-6pm, and by appointment

339 Bedford Ave
11-6 Tues-Sun

Picture Farm
338 Wythe Ave
“Thaw”, installation by Japanese artist duo Studio Sawada curated by Kanae Maeda. Thousands of ice sculptures will cool you off from the lingering heat of New York City's late summer Within this work, the artists continue their exploration of the phenomenological effect created through the accumulation of ice. Sept 5-Oct 10
Opening: Friday September 05, 6-10.
177 North 9th St.
Tue-Sun 11-6pm
PIEROGI XX: Twentieth Anniversary Exhibition. Featuring: John Phillip Abbott, Meredith Allen, Noriko Ambe, Justin Amrhein, Reed Anderson, Janine Antoni, Karen Arm, Michael Ashkin, Olive Ayhens, Phyllis Baldino, Michael Ballou, Ron Baron, Gregory Barsamian, Lothar Baumgarten, Louise Belcourt, John Berens, Elena Berriolo, Jean Blackburn, Matt Blackwell, Stefan Bohnenberger, Lee Boroson, Nadja Bournonville, Nina Bovasso, Leslie Brack Katherine Bradford, Rick Briggs, David Brody, David Henry Brown Jr., Phong Bui, Tom Burckhardt, Bruce Busby, Ken Butler, Luisa Caldwell, Beth Campbell, Scott Campbell, Francis Cape, Mary Carlson, Steven Charles, Clare Churchouse, Charles Clary, Dawn Clements, Brian Conley, Kevin Cooley Caroline Cox, Hugo Crosthwaite, Jennifer Dalton, Adam Dant, Daniel Davidson, Kirsten Deirup, Dan Devine, Brian Dewan, Leon Dewan, Don Doe, Joshua Dorman, Peter Dudek, Miriam Dym, Leif Elggren, Lori Ellison, James Esber, Lee Etheredge Iv, Rochelle Feinstein, J. Fiber, Jane Fine, Amanda Finn, Tony Fitzpatrick, Matt Freedman, Kohei Fukuda, Peter Garfield, Rico Gatson, Andrea Geyer, Graham Gillmore, Kate Gilmore, Tamara Gonzales, Stacy Greene, Donald Groscost, Rachel Harrison, Cynthia Hartling, Ellen Harvey, Cm Von Hausswolff, Isabelle Hayeur, Lisa Hein, Eric Heist, David Henderson, Douglas Henderson, Jonathan Herder Linda Herritt, Elana Herzog, Robert Hickman, Peter Hildebrand, Jen Hitchings, Perry Hoberman, Chan Kok Hooi, Sarah Hotchkiss, James Hyde Yoko Inoue, Johanna Jackson, Patrick Jacobs, Xylor Jane, Yun-Fei Ji, Chris Johanson, Kim Jones, Mary Judge, Dana Kane, Sermin Kardestuncer, Darina Karpov, Nina Katchadourian, Tricia Keightley, Lisa Kereszi, Miru Kim, Kim Kimball, Wendy Klemperer, Igor And Svetlana Kopystiansky, David Kramer, Larry Krone, William Lamson, Robert Lazzarini, Simon Lee, Yoon Lee, Maria Levitsky, Mark Lombardi, Ati Maier, Matt Marello, Chris Martin, Bob Marty, Carey Maxon, Maix Mayer, Alicia Mccarthy, Nat Meade, Sean Mellyn, Shari Mendelson, Valerie Merians, Katie Merz, Ander Mikalson, Andrew Moszynski, Ryan Mrozowski, Lutz-Rainer Mueller And Stian Ådlandsvik, Itty Neuhaus, Jessica Nissen, Johan Nobell, Nicky Nodjoumi, Thomas Nozkowski, John O’connor, Andrew Ohanesian, Gene Oldfield, Roxy Paine Marilla Palmer, Gary Panter, Laura Parnes, Bruce Pearson, Joyce Pensato, Liza Phillips, Ann Pibal, Irene Pijoan, Shannon Plumb William Pope.L, Katherine Powers, William Powhida, Susan Rabinowitz, Mark Reynolds, Joyce Robins, Carol Saft, Karin Sander, Katia Santibanez, Michael Schall, Jef Scharf, David Scher, Jonathan Schipper, Bill Schuck, Bob Seng, David Shapiro, Carleen Sheehan, Ward Shelley, Kenneth Shorr, James Siena, Amy Sillman, Adam Simon, Guy Richards Smit, Michael Smith, Bob & Roberta Smith, Robert Smithson, Tim Spelios, Charles Spurrier, Jason Starkie, Lisa Stefanelli, Gary Stephan, Joel Stoehr, Cathy Stone, David E. Stone, Greg Stone, Les Stone, John Stoney Tavares Strachan, Kurt Strahm, Eve Sussman, Lynn Talbot, Jude Tallichet, Fred Tomaselli, Jim Torok, Fred Valentine, Sarah Walker, Andrea Way, Ken Weathersby, Lawrence Weiner, Alun Williams, Martin Wilner, Hans Winkler, Angela Wyman, Mika Yokobori, Charles Yuen, Hk Zamani, Daniel Zeller, Mary Ziegler, Deborah Zlotsky. 5 September-5 October.
Opening: Friday September 05, 7-9.
158 Roebling Street
(347) 674-7706
Mon - Fri, 6pm - Midnight, Sat-Sun 1pm - Midnight

722 Metropolitan Ave, Second Fl
Sat-Sun, 1-6
Hidden in Plain Sight
, Elizabeth Boyle, Kati Gegenheimer, Audrey Hope, Kyoung eun Kang, Karen Ostrom, Brigitta Varadi. Curated by Carolyn Sickles. September 13–October 5.
Opening: Saturday September 13, 6-9.
Reverse Space
28 Frost Street
Wed– Sat, 1-7 Sun, 2-6
Prove it to me, curated by Natasha Marie Llorens, presents the work of seven social practice artists who refuse an objective understanding of photography. Instead, they create projects that thicken the relationship between an image and the event it stands in for. 9/12 – 10/19.
Opening: Friday September 12, 7-9.
319 Bedford Ave.
Fri-Mon 12-6pm
Everyday Paintings, Fantastic Worlds, Selections from Hoffberger '14, MICA MFA. Curated by Greg Lindquist. Aug 30- Sept 14.
Opening: Saturday September 13, 5-8. Closing reception

Simon/Neuman² Gallery
540 Driggs Avenue
Wed-Fri, 12-7; Sat-Sun, 11-7
Automonuments, a solo exhibition by New York based Israeli artist Niv Rozenberg. July 10 - Aug 9.

Skink Ink Editions
177 North 10th Street, Room G
917 536 8347
Thurs-Sun 11-7

348 South 4th Street
Saturday and Sunday, 12:00-5:00

Southfirst: Art
60 North 6th St.
Sat-Sun 12-6 and by appointment
Katey Austin, Jennifer Bonner, Christian Brahe, Nam Le, Stacy Rexrode, Amanda Wagstaff. August 3 - August 29. summer gallery hours: Wed-Fri, 1-6 pm.

The Boiler
191 North 14th St
Thurs-Sun 12-6pm
Brooklyn Gravity Racers, Cars will be on view 11–21 September. Preliminary Races: Tuesday, 16 September. 7-9pm. Wednesday, 17 September. 7-9pm. Thursday, 18 September. 7-9pm. Final Races: Friday, 19 September. 7-10pm
Opening: Tuesday September 16, 7-9.Opening: Wednesday September 17, 7-9.
The Journal Gallery
106 North 1st
718 218 7148
12-6 Tues-Sun
Comedies, Jeff Zilm. An exhibition of genre paintings. For this new series of works, Zilm sourced 8mm and 16mm slapstick films of the period from 1900 to 1960—shorts and features by Fatty Arbuckle and Mabel Normand, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Ben Turpin and Jerry Lewis. September 15 – October 26.
Opening: Monday September 15, 6-9.
244 North 6th St
Thurs-Fri 5-7, Sat-Sun 12-6
George Hofmann & Ben Dowell, September 12 to October 11. Opening reception Friday September 12 from 6-9 pm
Opening: Friday September 12, 6-9.
Williamsburg Art & Historical Center
135 Broadway
Fri-Mon 12-6pm
Small Works – An Assemblage & Sculpture Show, by Gerard Barbot in the small gallery. September 6 - September 28.
Opening: Saturday September 06, 4-6.


Greenpoint Galleries
Calico Brooklyn
67 West St #203
(347) 450-MEOW
Fridays, 12-5pm
Friend of a Friend, includes recent works and/or collaborations by: Amanda Browder & Caroline Burghardt, Pat Falco & Maria Molteni, Allison Maletz & David Pettibone, Kirkland Bray & Scott Albrecht, Charles Wilkin & Jon Legere. June 13 - July 11.

Inventory, July 25 - August 29th.
Fowler Project Space
67 West Street, Unit 216
Sat 12-5
Historical Access Memory, Jsun Laliberte, Lucia Hinojosa, Jenna Lee, and James Vanderberg. June 28 - July 26

Gallery 1205
1205 Manhattan Ave. Suite 241, 4th Fl
Saturday and Sunday 12-5

Greenpoint Terminal Gallery
67 West st #320
Fri and Sat 12-5
RUSU MOYO, Isaac Tin Wei Lin & Alex Lukas. June 13 – July 5.

154 Huron Street
Saturday and Sunday, 1-6pm

Janet Kurnatowski
205 Norman Ave.
718 383 9380
Saturday & Sunday 1-6 pm,
Shane McAdams, sept 12-oct 12.
Opening: Friday September 12, 3pm .
Java Studios
252 Java Street, suite #308
Mon-Fri 10-6p
Defying Gravity: Debra Drexler. July 22-August 11.

Light Industry
155 Freeman Street

Rawson Projects
223 Franklin St
Sat-Sun 1-7pm, and by appointment

Real Fine Arts
673 Meeker Ave
Sat-Sun 12-6pm
Would you eat your friends? Morag Keil. June 28 - July 27.

Dave Miko September 13 - October 26.
Opening: Saturday September 27, 7-10.
Rekover Projects
77 Franklin St
12-5pm Sat-Sun
IN THE SEAM Pop-Up Shop, August 8-31.

Yashar Gallery
276 Greenpoint Avenue
Saturdays, Sundays 1-5

Yes Gallery
147 India St.
(917) 593-9237
Thurs-Fri 1-7, Sat 1-5
Unsructured, Group show with Ben Boothby, Cooper Holoweski, Charlotte Lethbridge, Melissa Murray.



Bushwick Galleries
99¢ Plus
238 Wilson Ave.
Fri-Sun 1 - 6
Future Future,Curated by Carlyle Packer.

Air Circulation
160 Randolph St
Valley of the Deer, Jillian McDonald. May 16 – June 22. Valley of the Deer” consists of a video, drawings, and a cast of augmented reality characters viewable on mobile devices in the gallery’s neighborhood.

70 Jefferson
Sundays 12-6
The Airplane Installations, Indoor, outdoor site-specific work by Leeza Meksin. May 30 - July 6.

Amos Eno Gallery
The Loom-1087 Flushing Avenue, Suite 120
thurs-sun 12-6pm
EXIT SIX, Chris Kienke. The seven colossal works in the exhibition fuse painting techniques with digital manipulation, centered around the concept of the road. September 4 - 27.
Opening: Friday September 05, 6-9.
109 Ingraham Street, suite 102
646 331 3162
Thu - Sat 12 - 6
The Grisaille Paintings, Anthony Miler forsakes color to explore in shades of gray with graphite on raw canvas. September 6 – 27.
Opening: Wednesday September 17, 6-9.
Art Helix
16 Harrison Place
Saturdays & Sundays, 12 – 6PM
APPALACH-WICK, Participating Artists: Maya Meissner, Jackie Cantwell, Becky Chipkin, Alex Chipkin, Hazel Lee Santino, Kurt Stegar, Caitlin Dutton, Margot Bird, Casey Velasquez, Taro Masushio, Yan Giguere, Annabelle Weatherly. July 26 – Sept 7. 16 Harrison Place.

Papers from India, 1986-1987, Denise Green, Aug 2 - Sept 14. Curated by Wilson Duggan.
Opening: Friday September 12, 6-9.
Auxiliary Projects
2 St. Nicholas Ave.
Sat and Sun 1pm-6pm
Closed for summer

Brooklyn Fire Proof Gallery
119 Ingraham Street

Dress Shop
322 Troutman Street
Sat–Sun, 12–6PM
Aaron Miller, Miners series combines drawing, mixed media, and installation. Using actual coal dust and silvery graphite, the artist juxtaposes neoclassical portraits with the rugged faces of coal miners. In doing so, he draws attention to issues of class, contrasting the luxurious consumption of high society with the raw world of resource production and labor. July 17–September 5.

English Kills
114 Forrest St, alley entrance
Sat-Sun 1-6
Vilaykorn Sayaphet, solo show of paintings.
Opening: Saturday September 13, 8pm .
ET AL Projects
56 Bogart St.

Fresh Window
56 Bogart St, lower level
718 417 0783
Fri-Sun 1-6
NightlightMiya Ando and Marc Egger. September 5 – October 18.
Opening: Friday September 05, 7-9.
Friday Studio Gallery
56 Bogart St., 1st fl., Brooklyn.
718 821 2180
Friday, 3PM till 8 PM
"A Mere Bagatelle""A Mere Bagatelle" A group show- 9/5 to 9/26/2014
Opening: Friday September 05, 6 - 8 PM."Harvest of Dreams 2014""Harvest of Dreams 2014" 10/3 to 10/31/2014 An eclectic group show.
Opening: Friday October 03, 6 to 8 PM. 

Fuchs Projects
56 Bogart St. #1E
Fri-Sun Noon-6pm

Grace Exibition Space
840 Broadway, 2nd Floor. BROOKLYN
7-9pm 2nd / 4th Mondays, 9-11pm, 2nd/4th Fridays
Poppy Jackson & Nina Arsenault. 3 Day Long performance.
Opening: Wednesday September 17, 7-10.Closing Reception
Opening: Friday September 19, 7- 10. Medio Cruz performance, Friday Sept 26th, 8-11:30.

17-17 Troutman #258
Saturday-Sunday, 1-6pm

Honey Ramka
56 Bogart St.
Sat-Sun 1-6
Criminal's Cinema, an exhibition curated by John O'Connor featuring works by Gary Burnley, Dawn Clements, Matthew Northridge, Kanishka Raja, and Bruce Stiglich. The exhibition opens Friday, July 11th from 6-9pm, and runs through Sunday, August 17th.

Interstate Projects
66 Knickerbocker Ave
Sat-Sunday, 12-6 pm
U:L:O: Part II, U: Ben Gocker. L: Sonel Breslav. O: Cave. July 18 - August 3, 2014

1040 Metropolitan Avenue
Weds - friday, 12-6pm
Foundland: Escape Routes and Waiting Rooms, Foundland is Ghalia Elsrakbi, and Taysir Batniji. Foundland investigates personal stories of mobility and migration around Syria, a place where freedom of movement is strictly restricted due to its ongoing civil war. In two newly created installations, a Syrian family’s dinner table is restaged to depict a schematic map of a family where most of the members have migrated from the country over time. The work reveals intimate family moments and history set in a ravaged country where millions of people are displaced. July 30 - August 29.

Jackie Klempay
81 Central Ave (1A)
Saturdays 1 - 5
Zero PointMatt Connors, Mark Demuro, Delia R. Gonzalez, Elizabeth Jaeger, Rose Kallal, Jojo Li, Maria Robertson, Sophy Naess, Linnea Vedder. AUG 1st - SEPT 1st. Opening Night Sounds: 8:30 - Delia R Gonzalez with Alice Cohen and Bryce Hackford offer a live sound performance. 9:30 - Rose Kallal provides live modular synthesis with multiple 16mm projections

Life on Mars
56 Bogart Street
718 417 3935
Fri 3-8, Sat-Sun 1-6
Borrowing Tomorrow's Fun, Todd Bienvenu paints babes, boozers, buckets of blood, brawlers, punk rockers, apocalyptic zombies, pro wrestlers, country outlaws, camel toes, happy penises and masturbation technology. September 5 - September 30
Opening: Friday September 05, 7-9.
1623 Hancock St. Ridgewood
Saturday & Sunday 1- 6
Kings & Queens, Charlotte Becket, Alex Chowaniec, Nao Matsumoto, Max Yawney. May 30-June 29th.

Luhring Augustine Bushwick
25 Knickerbocker Ave.
Thurs-Sun 12-5:30
Paint and Styrofoam, Tom Friedman. Friedman is known for his meticulously crafted sculptures and works on paper that inhabit the intersections between the ordinary and the monstrous, the infinitesimal and the infinite, the rational and the uncanny.May 22 - Aug 23.

A Lot of Sorrow, Ragnar Kjartansson. Sep - Dec, 2014
4 Charles Place (at Myrtle btwn Bushwick & Evergreen Aves)
Thurs-Mon 1-6PM, and by appointment
Marni Kotak: Mad Meds. A new durational performance exhibition by artist Marni Kotak who this time invites the public to share in her real life struggles with her own mind, the American mental health system, and the power of the pharmaceutical industry. Over the course of the exhibit, the artist gradually attempts to scale down the dosage of medications she was prescribed for postpartum depression over 2 1/2 years ago and holds "visiting hours" at the gallery. Featuring new photographic works, video, installation and sculpture. July 18 - August 25.
Opening: Tuesday September 16, 6-9pm . A night of performance by Sascha Altman DuBrul, Lydia Eccles, Marni Kotak, Felix Morelo and Matthew Silver In conjunction with “Marni Kotak: Mad Meds”

Momenta Art
56 Bogart Street
Thu-Mon 12-6pm
(A) Rake’s Progress, Kathleen White, curated by Rafael Sánchez. August 8-31. Sound Texts: readings performed by Jim Fletcher, Joey Gabriel, Rafael Sánchez, Kate Valk, Kathleen White.
Opening: Sunday August 31, 6-8.Any Size Mirror is a Dictator, A process-based installation/dance/opera created by Panoply Performance Laboratory and Drearysomebody.Created by Jessica Bathurst, Lorene Bouboushian, Lindsey Drury (choreographer), Paige Fredlund, Matthew Gantt, Kaia Gilje, Rene Kladzyk, Thea Little, Brian McCorkle (composer), Sarah McSherry, Butch Merigoni, Esther Neff (librettist/director), Ellen O'Meara, Matthew Stephen Smith. 3-9pm Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun September 5-October 19.
Opening: Friday September 05, 7pm.
56 Bogart
Thu - Mon, 12-6pm
Videorover: Season 8, curated by Rachel Steinberg, featuring: Dave Greber, Victoria Keddie, Derek Larson, Brendan Lee, Beatriz Meseguer, Sofia Quirno, Alona Rodeh, Adam Douglas Thompson and Raul Gomez Valverde. June 13 - November 21.

Opening Reception #3:
Derek Larson, Dave Greber, and Sofia Quirno.

Multiplicity,City as subject/matter: Belfast, Hong Kong, New Delhi, New York, Tel Aviv, Tirana and beyond. Nadim Abbas, Erik Benson, BroLab, CPak Studio, Endri Dani, John Duncan, Yael Efrati, Elastic City, The Extrapolation Factory, Vibha Galhotra, Darren Goins, Michael Hanna, Meg Kelly ,Nicky Keogh, Alban Muja and Yll Citaku, Aisling O’Beirn, Jan Pfeiffer, Sascha Pohflepp, Gigi Scaria, Irgin Sena, Alice Schivardi, Seher Shah, Sasa Tkacenko, Amir Yatziv. July 11-August 25.

Yo! I'm Your C.E.O.Yasi Ghanbari's installation is an inquiry into the psyche of the consumer, and how public consumption affects the interest of the individual. September 5 - October 10.
Opening: Friday September 05, 7-9.
229 Cook Street
Fri-Sun 1-6
Eden, brings together five artists from New York and the Hudson River Valley who focus on creating lush worlds that show evidence of humanity’s need to mess with Paradise. Works by Michael Drury, Charles Geiger, Melinda Hackett, Lina Puerta and Sylvia Schwartz for the gallery’s second exhibition, EDEN. July 5 – August 24.

Ortega Y Gasset Projects
1717 Troutman #327
Sat - Sun 12-6

Outlet, Fine Art
253 Wilson Ave.
Sat-Sun 1-6pm
Plot Lines: new paintings by Colin Thomson

False Positive: new paintings by Matthew Deleget. Sept 13-October 5.
Opening: Saturday September 13, 7-10.
Outpost Artists Resources
1665 Norman St
718. 599.2385
Heart's Gymnastic's Through June 29th.

Gallery Closed for July/August
Parallel Art Space
17-17 Troutman Street #220
Sat-Sun 1-6pm

Pseudo Empire
467 Troutman Street
Sat-Sun 11-6
Olivie Ponce continues an exploration of the aesthetics of the city in which lives. Drawing on visual themes shared by both his home of Mexico City and New York, Ponce builds off visual elements of the landscape. July 11-August 11.

Robert Henry Contemporary
56 Bogart St.
(718) 473-0819
Thu-Sun 1-6pm
Overboard: Inspired by the Elizabeth Bishop poem Casabianca, Overboard employs the minimal geometry that artist Liz Jaff has developed over the last 15 years to explore ideas of love, commitment, sacrifice and memory of time and space. September 5 - October 12.
Opening: Friday September 05, 6-9pm .
286 Stanhope Street
Nothing Less, Patrick Allen, Michele Hemsoth, Matthew Kirk, Denise Kupferschmidt, Billy Malone, Carrie Pollack. Curated by Matthew F. Fisher.

Schema Projects
92 St Nicholas Ave
Fri. 1-5 pm, Sat-Sun. 1-6
Purple Mountains, Amber Waves, nine artists and their vision of the landscape today. Our artists: Gregory Botts, Rowell Bowles, Scott Espeseth, Finn Have, Jane McNichol, Josette Orso, Holly Overton, Fred Valentine, Jeanne Tremel and others. Sept 12-Oct 5.
Opening: Friday September 12, 1pm.
Secret Project Robot
389 Melrose St.
Thurs-Sat 6-9

Signal Gallery
260 Johnson Avenue
347 746 8457
Sat-Sun, 1-6
Sisyphus, an installation by LA based sculptor Sean Shim-Boyle. September 5-October 5
Opening: Friday September 05, 7-10pm .
Slag Contemporary
56 Bogart St. #005
212 967 9818
Thurs-Sat. 12-6
Surf and Turf, Rebecca Goyette and Julia Oldham.

Storefront Ten Eyck
324 Ten Eyck Street
Sat-Sun, 1-6
The Big Game, Derek Fordjour, and project space: Kate Elliot. Sept 5-Oct 5.
Opening: Friday September 05, 7-10.
Studio 10
56 Bogart St.
Fri-Mon 1-6
Comfort Zone, paintings and video by Michele Araujo. September 5 – October 5.
Opening: Friday September 05, 7-9.
449 Troutman Street, #3-5,
Sat-Sun 12-5
An Artwork by Gwendolyn C. Skaggs with David B. Frye. Viewing Room: Patrick Mangan. 5.31.14 - 6.28.14

The Active Space
566 Johnson Avenue
Friday-Sunday, 1-6 pm
New Voices--NY Tibetan Art Studio, The show features work by twenty-seven artists and is curated by the NYTAS Founder and Director Pema Rinzin with co-curators Kevin Connolly Gillespie and Max Fenton. Participating Artists: Benjamin Armas, Adriana Atema, Ori Carino, David Demers, Max Fenton, Tad Fettig, Matt Franowicz, Celia Gerard, Kevin Connolly Gillespie, Manal Grant, Mari Iwahara, Mimi Ears-Jones, R. Nicholas Kuszyk, Pia Leighton, Elim Mac, Kyp Malone, Allyson Mellberg, Monisha Raja, Pema Rinzin, Swoon, Deirdre Swords, Jeremy Taylor, Kate Oh Trabulsi, Ana Maria Velasco, Virginia Wagner, Yoni Zilber, Ashley Zelinske. August 15 – September 7, 2014

The Living Gallery
1094 Broadway
Wednesdays & Fridays 1-5pm
Bushwick Fashion Parade, Opening: Saturday September 06, 1-5.
The Parlour
791 Bushwick Ave
(718) 360-3218
Sundays 12-6pm
Show #11, Curated by Frankie Phillips, the Parlour Bushwick is pleased to present “Show #11”. June 21-July 20.

Theodore: Art
56 Bogart Street
Fri-Sun 1-6
in a desert on an island in a room, JASON TOMME. 5 September – 19 October.
Opening: Friday September 05, 6-9.
Tompkins Projects
127 Tompkins Avenue
1-6, Fridays & Saturdays
Ginny Casey and Heather McPherson, June 20th - July 13th.

1030 Metropolitan Ave
Saturdays 2 – 7
Sweet Finances, artist Claudia Maté. For this exhibition Maté has produced a series of web applications connected with the Yahoo! Finances API, keeping us updated every second by leveraging a huge amount of data from exchanges worldwide. July 12-August

44 Stewart Ave, #49 Please ring bell to enter during normal hours.
Saturday and Sunday, 12-6pm
In the Office of the Drunken Monkey, curated by Julian Kreimer and Christopher Ulivo, August 8 – September 7

464 Seneca Ave
Fri-Sun 1-6
David Brody, Cindy Tower, Liz Ainslie. Sept 12th- October 5th.
Opening: Friday September 12, 6-9.
1109 Dekalb Ave
Sundays 1–5
The Whales of August, David Scout McQueen, Joy Drury Cox, Lorna Barrowclough, and Hondartza Fraga.

The Golden Age of Souvenirs, John Orth.
Opening: Friday September 05, 7-10.


Bedford-Stuyvesant Galleries
ARTs East New York Inc.
851 Hegeman Ave.

Brooklyn Children's Museum
145 Brooklyn Avenue
718 735-4400
Tues-Sun, 10-5
Art Inspires Art: How Does a Bird Imagine? What Does a Tree Know? a new exhibition that offers children and parents the opportunity to experience poetry, interactive sculptures and festive banners developed by artists from The Touchstone Center for Children. In collaboration with Richard Lewis, Noah Baen, Carol Grocki Lewis and Claudia Keel, artist Kathy Creutzburg created two interactive sculptures “A Tree Lives (2006)” and “The Bird of Imagining (2004).” Through August 1

Elgin Gallery
52 Tompkins Avenue,
Friday-Sunday 1:30-6
My World is Not Your World, a solo exhibition by international glass artist John Drury. This spirited and dynamic installation is full of fun things to see, including the incorporation of gems by outsider artist Ionel Talpazan, My World is Not Your World will be a one time installation unique to the store front space at Elgin Gallery. June 13th - July 9th

Good Work Gallery
1100 Broadway
Sat and Sun, April 5 – 20, 1 – 7
Elemental, curated by Sara Blazej. featuring: Al Bedell, Alli Coates, Andrew Ross, Angelina Dreem, Ann Hirsch, Ashley Zangle, Carly Mark, Signe Pierce, and Molly Soda. July 11 – August 3.

112 Rogers Ave. #2
24 hours window
I Wanna Destroy U, Nathan Meltz, June 27 - July 31.

495 Rogers Avenue
Friday - Sunday, 12-5pm
The Microwave Mint, Gavin Kenyon & Jeff Williams. August 8 - August 31.
Opening: Saturday August 30, 2-6. Closing party and BBQ

House of Art Gallery
408 Marcus Garvey Blvd.
347 663-8195
Tues.-Sunday, 2-7

Skylight Gallery
1368 Fulton St
Wed-Fri 11-6, Sat 1-6
Medicine from Heaven: How African American Culture Was Used to Cure the USA, A Juneteenth Jubilee Exhibit by Sol’Sax, This Juneteenth Skylight celebrates the cultural soldiers who shared with us their heavenly blessings that healed so many sick European supremacist beliefs. June 19, 2014 – August 17, 2014

The Bishop
916 Bedford Avenue
703 888 7591
Thurs-Friday 11-6, Sat 12-6
The Only Christopher we Acknowledge is Wallace, exhibition will include never before seen photos of The Notorious B.I.G. along with hand picked work from various artist by DJ Clark Kent.
Opening: Saturday September 20, 5-9.
Tomato House
301 Saratoga Avenue
Saturday 1-6
Pigment Specter, Erin Dunn. Presenting a new series of figurative watercolor paintings, Erin Dunn’s unnerving airbrushed characters seduce believers into another world. September 12 - October 5.
Opening: Friday September 12, 7-10.Opening: Friday September 26, 8pm. Screening



Dumbo/Downtown Galleries
AIR Gallery
111 Front St, Gallery 228
Wed-Sun 11-6

Artadia, The Fund for Art and Dialogue
111 Front Street, Suite 210

Brooklyn Arts Council Gallery
111 Front St., Suite 218
Mon-Fri 10am-5pm
Subtle Approach, group exhibition featuring Colleen Ho, Megan Hays, Sarah Nicole Phillips, Carlton Scott Sturgill. Curated by BAC Visual Arts Director Courtney J. Wendroff. March 6 – July 31.

Brooklyn Historical Society
128 Pierrepont Street
Fri, Sun 12 – 5; Sat 10 – 5
Sweet Industries: Refining What We Know, stories of sugar and its associated businesses with a focus on two companies: Domino Sugar Corporation and Drake’s Bakeries.

Full Steam Ahead: 200 Years of Ferries in Brooklyn

Landmarks of New York, Explore the history of New York through the lens of its landmark buildings in this exhibit of photographs, documenting architectural structures of all types that reflect the city’s history, from the seventeenth through the twentieth centuries. through May 17.
111 Front St, #226
(646) 389-5714
Wed-Sat, 11-6
Robert JanzJune 5 - July 26.

Gallery Gaia
79 Hudson Avenue
Sat-Sun. 2-8
Jackie Lima, 3-dimensional paintings, August 30-September 28.
Opening: Thursday September 04, 4-7.
Issue Project Room
22 Boerum Place

Klompching Gallery
111 Front St, Suite 206
Wed-Sat 11-6pm
Closed for summer

Kunsthalle Galapagos
16 Main St & 111 Front St
Mon-Sat 12-6

Long Island University/Resnick Gallery
Library Learning Center 3rd Floor (Brooklyn Campus)
9-6pm (m-f) & 12-6 (Sat.)

Mighty Tanaka Studio
111 Front Street, Suite 224
Wed-Sat-12-6:30. Sun, 12-6
The Ides of Summer, A summertime group show featuring: Elizabeth Vallenilla, Chris RWK, Hannah Faith Yata, Rubin415, Chris Stain, Skewville, Adam Void, Zach Puchowitz, Elbow Toe, Alexandra Pacula, Adam Miller, EKG and more! August 7- Aug 31.

Minus Space
111 Front Street, Suite 200
Weds-Sat 12-6pm
Hartmut Böhm, Wall Work from the Measurements of a Progression to Infinity with 15°, 1996/2014 Frame, oil stick on wall Dimensions variable June 28 – August 2.

Ward Jackson: Black & White Diamonds 1960s. This will be the late artist's first exhibition with the gallery, and his first to feature his black and white paintings and drawings from the early to mid-1960s. September 12 – October 25.
Opening: Friday September 12, 6-9.
New York Foundation for the Arts
20 Jay Street, Suite 740

Plus 81
163 Plymouth Street
718 801 8389
Wednesday – Sunday, 12pm – 7pm

Sculptors Guild Gallery
111 Front Street, Suite 256
Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-5pm
'sifer,Colin Chase. June 5-July 19.

Smack Mellon
92 Plymouth St
Wed-Sun 12-6
FOODshed: Art and Agriculture in Action, An exhibition of upstate/downstate NY artists who work with food and agriculture. Curated by Amy Lipton. Artists: Joan Bankemper/Black Meadow Barn; EcoArtTech- Leila Nadir + Cary Peppermint; Joy Garnett; Habitat For Artists Collective (Simon Draper, Michael Asbill, Carmen Acuna, Dan McGinley, Brandon Cruz, Jessica Poser); Natalie Jeremijenko; Kristyna and Marek Milde; Peter Nadin/Old Field Farm; Andrea Reynosa, Brooklyn Grange and Alloy; Bonnie Ora Sherk; Jenna Spevack; Susan Leibovitz Steinman/Mona Talbott; Elaine Tin Nyo; Tattfoo Tan, Linda Weintraub. June 7 to July 27.

Stephen Romano Gallery
111 Front Street, Suite 208
Weds-Sat 12-6pm
Mysterium Cosmographicum, group exhibition of over 30 international emerging and historical artists on the theme of the artist's relationship to the cosmos. June 6-August 30.

Triangle Arts Association
20 Jay St.
Tues-Sat 12-6pm

United Photo Industries
111 Front Street, Suite 204
Monday - Friday, 11-6
Closed for Summer



Boerum Hill Galleries
490 Atlantic Gallery
490 Atlantic Ave.
Tues. - Sat. 2:00 - 6:00
Rock the Boat, Curated by Harriet Korman. With: Susan Daykin, Carolyn Oberst, Kim Sobel, and Sue Willis. May 17 - June 14.

The Invisible Dog
51 Bergen St
Thu-Sun 1-7pm
Closed for summer

Wolves in the Wall,two installations by Iranian-born Canadian artist Sayeh Sarfaraz. This exhibition was conceived specifically for the ground floor space. Curated by Claire Moeder. Sept 13-Nov 13.


Fort Greene/Clinton Hill Galleries
321 Gallery
321 Washington Avenue
Saturday 12-5
Joy Syringe, Antje Rieck, j.frede, lyeberry, Nancy Barton, Rheims Alkadhi, Sofi Brazzeal, Taro Masushio "Joy Syringe" curated by Joseph Imhauser. June 28 - August 2.

VIS-A-VIS, Presented by Back Yard Projects. With: August Barber, Alessandro Bava, Jonathan Campolo, Milano Chow, Nathaniel De Large, Amanda Beroza Friedman, Isla Hansen, Elizabeth Jaeger, Josie Ariel Keefe, Sean Keenan, Scott Keightley, Ann Kelly, Clinton King, Anne Kunsemiller, Tim Lokiec, Joseph Marzolla, Juan Antonio Olivares, Holly Stanton. Organized by Holly Stanton, Sean Keenan, Josie Keefe, & Anne Kunsemiller Flyer design by Jonathan Campolo.
BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music)
30 Lafayette Ave.
(718) 636-4100
Open during BAMcafé hours and by appointment

BRIC House
647 Fulton Street
Tue-Sun 10-8pm
Transcommunality: Laura Anderson Barbata, Collaboration Beyond Borders.

The air we swim incurated by Kelly Schroer, with: Hanny Ahern, Thessia Machado, Eric Shows, and Palden Weinreb. July 10-August 31.
Corridor Gallery
334 Grand Ave
Tue-Thu 10-6, Fri-Sat 12-6

Guild Greene
281 Greene Avenue
Thursday-Sunday, 12-6:00

80 Hanson Place
Wed-Sun 12-7pm
Are You You, Shantell Martin. Curated by Isissa Komada-John. April 26- July 27.

Ouchi Gallery
170 Tillary Street, Suite 507
(347) 987-4606
Tues 7-10, Weds-Sun 12-6
Tetsuji Shirakawa | Sora Kang. 7/16 - SUNDAY, 7/20.

Ryo Soma | Minami Shibata. 7/23-7/27
Pandemic Gallery
22 Waverly Ave.
(917) 727-3466
Thurs. 1-7

Pratt Institute Galleries
200 Willoughby Avenue, Chemistry Building 1st floor
Mon-Fri, 11am-5pm
2nd Year MFA Exhibition, June 9–September 20.

SONYA, South of the Navy Yard Artists
122 Washington Ave

May 17-18
St. Josephs College Gallery
Alumni Room Gallery Tuohy Hall, 245 Clinton Avenue

TRA Gallery
35 Claver Place #1
Fri 4-7pm, Sat 1-5pm

647 Fulton Street
Tues-Sat 12-6pm
Potential Difference, Brett Swenson. July 31-August 27.



Park Slope/Gowanus Galleries
440 Gallery
440 6th Ave
Thu-Fri 4-7, Sat-Sun 11-7
Food for Thought, Aug 21- Sept 14

543 Union Street
Thurs & Fri. 3-6, Sat & Sun. 12 – 6

Brooklyn Museum
200 Eastern Pkwy
Wed-Fri 10-5, Sat-Sun 11-6, First Sat of the month
Witness: Art and Civil Rights in the Sixties. March 7–July 6, 2014 Chicago in L.A.: Judy Chicago's Early Work, 1963–74.Chicago in L.A. surveys this less-familiar but significant early work, produced when Chicago lived in Los Angeles.April 4–September 28. Swoon: Submerged Motherlands, a site-specific installation in rotunda gallery, transforming it into a fantastic landscape centering on a monumental sculptural tree with a constructed environment at its base, including sculpted boats and rafts, figurative prints and drawings, and cut paper foliage. April 11– August 24 Ai Weiwei: According to What? Featuring over thirty works spanning more than twenty years, Ai Weiwei: According to What? explores universal topics of culture, history, politics, and tradition, showcasing the artist’s remarkably interdisciplinary career as a photographer, sculptor, architect, and activist. April 18 – Aug 10

Opening: Saturday September 06, 5-11. First Saturday

Court Tree Collective
371 Court Street in Carroll Gardens
Mon, Wed, Fri, 3-6,and Sat. 12-5
Amie Cunat, Enfolding the language of abstract formal painting into a cultural language of letters, marks, and corrective scribbles, Amie Cunat presents a new series of paintings. Super-flat with sharp-edged forms battling vibrant colors for supremacy, the paintings exude formal tension while investing the marks of language with comedic ineptness. Pictorially, the “marks” take on a new character as they parody behaviors of the body, actions attempting to outgrow or escape the canvas ­hemmed in by warps and wedges of color. September 6th to 27th
Opening: Saturday September 06, 6-9.
Ethan Pettit Gallery
10 Eighth Avenue #3
Saturdays and Sundays 1-6
3rd Floor, ring bell number 3

558 St. John's Place
Thu-Sun 1-6pm
Outdoor Sculpture: Gnomes and a Rosebush, Sam Tufnell’s friendly, 32” tall gnomes are cast in pigmented resin. They will interact with the passing public in this Crown Heights neighborhood, delighting young and old alike. August 4 - September 10.

New Visions: Crown Heights Artists, Curated by Carl E. Hazlewood and Hanne Tierney. Artists: Lourdes Bernard, Fran Kornfeld, Oasa DuVerney, Carl E. Hazlewood, Musa Hixson, Naomi Safran-Hon, Amanda Turner Pohan. September 7 - October 5.
Opening: Sunday September 07, 5-8.
Gowanus Ballroom
55 9th Street, Building 61
Fri 6pm-1am, Sat 3pm-1am, Sun 12pm–5pm
Spectrum, A collaboration of light and sound from artists Colin Bowring and William Tucci. August 15–23.

Gowanus Print Lab
54 Second Avenue
Mon-Thurs 10-10, Fri-Sat 10-7, Sun 12-7

Littlefield, 622 Degraw Street
Gonna Put A Hacks On You: Ariel Cotton. Through Sept. 1.

Morbid Anatomy Museum
424A 3rd Ave (Corner of 7th St)
Art of Mourning, curated by Joanna Ebenstein and Evan Michelson. June 28 – December 4.

543 Union St
12-6 Sat-Sun

Open Source
306 17th St.
Thurs: 11am-2pm; Fri/Sat 2pm-6pm
Soapbox Derby: 17th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues. Every car built out of found material can be part of the race!
Opening: Saturday September 06, .
Proteus Gowanus
543 Union St
Thu-Fri 3-6pm, Sat-Sun 12-6pm
Currency will examine money as a representation of value and a socially accepted medium of exchange. Works by Dadara, Makale Faber-Cullen, Magdalena Firlag, Rob Johnson, Poneros, Sal Randolph, Duke Riley, Jason Sinopoli, Swoon, Dan Tague, Mark Wagner and Caroline Woolard.
Opening: Saturday September 06, 6-9.
Showroom Gowanus
460 Union St.
718 522 3363
Thurs-Sun, 12 - 6
Leaning Steeples, ft. Ulijona Odišarija, David Roesing, Victoria Roth, Jessica Sanders, Keith J. Varadi and Owen Westberg. June 20-July 27.

Soapbox Gallery
636 Dean Street, Brooklyn
BE! ('הְוֵ), Installations, sculptures, and video work by Sara Erenthal. Curated by Marine Cornuet. August 21 –September 13.

The Shed
366 6th Street
Momento Mori, Meghan LaBorious's video installation in seven vignettes. Sept 20, 7-9 and 21, 12-5.
Opening: Saturday September 20, 7-9.
Trestle Gallery
168 7th Street, 3rd Floor (Buzz #35)
Mon-Fri 11-6
small works, Small Works 2014. This annual exhibition focuses on the complex nature of smaller compositions. Each piece is contained within 12 inches vertically, horizontally, and three dimensionally. Featuring work by: Ola Aldous, Hannah Barnes, Joseph Bolstad, Rina Dweck, Emma Fague, Rachel Grobstein, Kate Hamilton, Rachel Heinold, Buhm Hong, Sara Jimenez, Kosuke Kawahara, Rachel Klinghoffer, Bernice Sokol Kramer, Jeanette Levy, Mariam Mehmood, Fiorella Gonzales Vigil, Rebecca Reeves, Katharine Ryals, John Steck Jr., Vincent Stracquadanio, Adrienne Tarver, Nicolas Vionnet, and Jayoung Yoon. july 18 - august 22.

Exposed Squareveronique gambier, paintings, works from her new Figments series, and her first-ever site specific installation, Exposed Square 1. September 1st - October 3rd.
Opening: Friday September 05, 7-9.


Sunset Park Galleries
Kingsborough Community College Art Gallery
Art and Science Building, 2001 Oriental Blvd

NARS Foundation
201 46th St, 4th Floor
Mon-Fri, 1-5; Sat-Sun by appt.
Open Studios, Participating Artists: Niamul Bari, Jennifer Grimyser, Ronald Hall, Noël St. John Harnden, Chaegang Jeon, Rachel Klinghoffer, Sandra Lapage, Cristian I. Mejia, Tracy Miller, Amanda Millet-Sorsa, Kristine Moran, Carolina Paz, Carlos Pileggi, Mark John Smith, Brian Stinemetz, Kate Stone, Karolina Sulich, Masaki Takizawa, Lindsay Hanna Taylor, Claudia Weber, Matt Whitman, and Halley Zien.
Opening: Saturday September 20, 3-9.Preventative Measures, featuring a multifaceted installation by artist Reilly Sinanan. Curated by Eric Shiner, Director, The Andy Warhol Museum. September 12 - October 10.
Opening: Friday September 12, 6-9. Artist Talk 7pm

Tabla Rasa Gallery
224 48th St
Thursday-Saturday 1-5; August:
OUTSIDE, INSIDE - A detour from graffi, an exhibition of works by contemporary artists that create art both in the studio and in the streets around the world curated by renowned artist and author Alan Ket. With: Aislap / Cekis / Cern One / GHOST / Jan Kalab / KET / Soa Maldonado / Queen Andrea / Wane COD / Ezo Wippler. Aug 16 - Sept 27.


Red Hook Galleries
499 Van Brunt St
Sat-Sun, 1-6
Out of Order & Color, Opening Reception, Featuring Voyage. Over 900 works art for its two summer shows. Downstairs is Color, a juried exhibition showing work from across the country, curated by Guggenheim Curator Lauren Hinkmen; Upstairs is Out of Order, a smorgasbord of local art addressing the chaos and hilarity of modern life.

Gallery Brooklyn
351 Van Brunt St
Thurs-Sat 1-7, Sun 12-5

Kentler International Drawing Space
353 Van Brunt Street
Thu-Sun 12-5pm
a knot, a tangle, a blemish in the eternal smoothness, Hedwig Brouckaert.

A Sense of Place, Viviane Rombaldi Seppey. September 12 - October 26
Opening: Friday September 12, 7-10.Opening: Sunday September 28, 4pm. Artist's Talk

Peninsula Art Space
352 Van Brunt St
12-7pm Th-Sun
Oblique Archive, Francesca Capone. September 4 - October 5.
Opening: Thursday September 04, 7-10.
Pioneer Works
159 Pioneer St. Brooklyn NY 11231
Weds-Sun, 12-6
Daily Operation, August 17 – September 9. Kenan Juska's sequential collages made from cast-off materials primarily found on the streets of New York from March 2005 to November 2008.

Touched by an Angel

Rhombus Space
183 Lorraine Street, 3rd Floor, #33
Sat-Sun 1-5pm

Waterfront Museum
290 Conover St. Pier 44
(718) 624-4719 ext. 11
Thurs 4-8, Sat 1-5
Land in Sea -photographs from Stephen Mallon's two powerful series "Brace for Impact" and "American Reclamation". July 26 to October 18.
Opening: Saturday September 06, 2-4.