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Williamsburg Galleries
Galleries in Williamsburg are open late with opening events and special performances.
Opening: Friday June 12, 7-9.
17 frost
17 Frost
Thurs-Sunday 12-6

7 Dunham Place
7 Dunham Place
People who need People, a group exhibition curated by Beatrice Shen featuring works by Montana Azuelos, Anonda Bell, Tatiana Berg, Nathaniel Donnett, Charlie Masson, Julia Medynska and Wei Xiaoguang. Tuesday May 12-17.

AG Gallery
107A North 3rd Street
12-8 every day
Met You, Solo exhibition by Chen Dongfan. April 10 ~ April 26.

Alt Space
41 Montrose Ave.
Pancake Ferrari,a solo show featuring new paintings and a floor-to-ceiling installation of works from NYC-based artist Brian Leo.

Art 101
101 Grand St.
Fri-Sun 1 - 6
also by appointment.
WAR; a series, Patrick Mangan's paintings loosely based on the war at Troy described by Homer in The Iliad. May 15 - June 7.

Not Quite Human, Tom Nimen, Passengers and Their Electronics on the MTA -- Reimagined; June 12 - 21.
Opening: Friday June 12, 6-9.
Brooklyn Art Library
103A North 3rd St.
12-8pm Everyday
The Sketchbook Project, a collection of close to 30,000 sketchbooks (and counting) submitted by people of all ages and backgrounds from around the world. Thats over a million pages of original artwork made by everyday people, from arts professionals to students, kids, parents, and anyone in between.

Brooklyn Oenology
209 Wythe Avenue
Paul Catalanotto's work shows his mastery of his medium. In a style coined, Polished Fresco, he uses tinted plaster to create smooth as glass paintings with crazy dimension.

Cathouse FUNeral
260 Richardson Street
Saturdays and Sundays 12-6
Ghost City, Brad Benischek: Denim gang jackets fit for giants along with works on paper installed in constructed future landscape. May 23 - June 21.

City Reliquary
370 Metropolitan
Thursday-Sunday 12-6PM

Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street
Tues-Sun, 12-6
Tina Lugo & David M. Cook. April 10th to May 3rd.

Devil's Jelly, Lauren YS. April 18th to May 3rd.

El Museo de Los Sures
120 South First St.
(718) 387-3600
Sat-Sun, 12-6
(Dis)Placed Histories of South Williamsburg and Bushwick, NYU-student curated exhibit on the histories of South Williamsburg and Bushwick, currenly on view at El Museo de Los Sures. Through June 20.

168 North 6th St.
Sat-Sun 1-6
Mass Transit, Mary Westring, Recent Paintings and Sculpture.May 8 - June 7. Reception: FRIDAY, MAY 8th from 6-9.

Firehouse 212
134 Wythe Avenue (betw. N. 8th and N. 9th Streets)

Firework Gallery
146 Berry street
If Walls Could Talk, Jessica Weiss, Melissa Dadourian, Alexandra Kostakis. Curated by Lisa Ludwig. June 12-14.
Opening: Friday June 12, 6-9.
Front Room Gallery
147 Roebling St
Fri-Sun 1-6
Blind Trust, new paintings by Peter Fox. Expanding on his signature style of drip painting, Peter Fox’s spilled paint works have taken on bold gestural movements. May 22nd – June 21st.

Summer Sampler.Summer Group Exhibition.
Opening: Wednesday July 01, 7-9.
Gitana Rosa
19 Hope Street
(718) 387-0115
Saturdays 12-6
The Reciprocity of Looking, Photographer Dana Buhl's first show in New York. Rooted in the vernacular, her work offers a meditation on the strangeness of looking. Buhl uses the camera as a tool to reveal symbols, manipulating their meanings through sequencing and installation. April 10-May 2.

The Gypsy Storyteller, new collage work by collage artist and printmaker Inas Al-soqi. May 8 - 23, 2015
246 Union Avenue
Tues. 7-11 Sat 1-5
HOAMGE TO PINA BAUSCH, Performances by Jil Guyon, Sonia Lopes Soares, Elisa Osborne, Lisa Parra, Elaine Angelopoulos, Hayley Martell, Alexa West (video) and Jess Goldschmidt.
Opening: Friday May 29, 7:30.
166 North 12th Street
Field Experiments.May 15-31st.

Supercollider, by the artist MILTON MELVIN CROISSANT III. June 27 - July 26.
Opening: Saturday June 27, 7-10.
New Work | New York
695 Grand Street
Fri-Sun 12-6
Part II. Tatiana Berg, Marissa Bluestone, Annemarie Coffey, Leah Dixon, Pik-Shuen Fung, Wendi Guerorguiev, Sophie Grant, Anthony Hamboussi, Heidi Howard, Kate Elliot, Jee Hee Kang, Hyeonah Kim, Alison Kuo, Herbert Lacsina, Jsun Laliberté, Ofra Lapid, Yujin Lee, Dana Majana, Kai Margarida-Ramírez, Andrew McNay, Simone Meltesen, Sara Murphy, Jenna Newton, Kate Ostler, Megan Pahmier, Gahee Park, Melani Pavlidou, Sondra Perry, Elliot Purse, Pedro Ramirez, Buzz Slutzky, Mirland Terlonge, Jenna Westra, Patrice Renee Washington and Mirana Zuger. April 10 – April 26

339 Bedford Ave
Thurs-Sun 1-6pm
March 20 - April 25

Picture Farm
338 Wythe Ave
Mara Catalan.opens at Picture Farm, 338 Wythe Ave, btw John and Plymouth, Brooklyn, 6pm

177 North 9th St.
Tue-Sun 11-6pm

Ignis Fatuus: Darina Karpov, Works on Paper. 8 May – 7 June.
722 Metropolitan Ave, Second Fl
Sat-Sun, 1-6
Let's Be Real, Adam Hurwitz, Julian Kreimer, Kerry Law, Beth Livensperger, Anna Plesset, Roger White, Sophie White. Curated by Hilary Doyle & Reid Hitt, Roger White. May 9–31.

Unapproachable America: imagining The New World. Claudia Bitran, Billy Jacobs, and Matt Ramirez. Curated by Jeremy Jacob Schlangen. June 5th – July 12th.
Opening: Friday June 05, .
Reverse Space
28 Frost Street
Wed– Sat, 1-7 Sun, 2-6
Synesthetics,experimental work in optical sound and neurofeedback technology. Lisa Park’s Eunoia II, and Louise Foo and Martha Skou present Format No. 1 . 5/8-6/6.

319 Bedford Ave.
Fri-Mon 12-6pm
Eric Holzman, paintings & works on paper. March 28-April 26.

348 South 4th Street
Saturday and Sunday, 12:00-5:00
Headless, Arnold Joseph Kemp. The objects on view are devices for a body that will navigate today's and tomorrow's increasingly mechanistic, efficient and brutal existences, in order to find the poetry of garbage, pesticides, ghosts, and cyber, astral and biological pollution. April 19 - May 23.

Southfirst: Art
60 North 6th St.
Sat-Sun 12-6 and by appointment
Pay Your Future Self First, Philip Vanderhyden with Stuart Argabright & Sean Dack, April 24 - May 24.

The Boiler
191 North 14th St
Thurs-Sun 12-6pm
The Menu for Mars Kitchen, Douglas Paulson and Heidi Neilson. The Menu for Mars Supper Club will construct an analog Mars kitchen to investigate the future of food on Mars. From May 29 – June 20, the Menu for Mars Kitchen and surrounding habitat will be open to the public, and visitors are invited, alongside special guests, to cook using Mars-feasible ingredients. Dishes will be documented, sampled, evaluated, and vacuum-packed. At the exhibition’s end, the prototype dishes and a summary of findings will be sent to NASA to augment their preparations for colonizing Mars. The Kitchen will also test off-Earth cultivation of edible plants and mushrooms, food preservation, and related topics through a series of workshop and events, a calendar of which will be updated regularly here (below) and at www.menu4mars.net. 29 May – 20 June.
Opening: Friday May 29, 7-9.
The Journal Gallery
106 North 1st
718 218 7148
12-6 Tues-Sun
Drive, Chris Succo. May 12-June 21.

The Royal @ RSOAA
400 B South 2nd Street
Tues, Thur & Sat 12-5
Reclaim Reboot Renew, Guy Nelson, Kylin O'Brien,Jean-Marc Superville Sovak and Chris Willcox. May 8th - May 29th.
Opening: Friday May 29, 7-9. Closing reception

244 North 6th St
Thurs-Fri 5-7, Sat-Sun 12-6
Torched & Scorched, a multi-media installation assembled with interactive and traditional formats including painting, sculpture and sound. With: Ana Busto, Yifan Hu, MTAA, Raphaele Shirley. May 22-June 21.

Williamsburg Art & Historical Center
135 Broadway
Fri-Mon 12-6pm
ERASING BORDERS 2015, Contemporary Indian Art of the Diaspora. Saturday, May 30 - Sunday, June 21. Opening Reception: Saturday, May 30th, 4-6 pm
Opening: Saturday May 30, 4-6.


Greenpoint Galleries
106 Greene
104 Green Street
Mirror Test, Michelle Hailey. April 25 - May 24.

Auxiliary Projects
212R Norman Avenue
Sat and Sun 1pm-6pm
Magicker of the Solutional Caves, Aimee Burg. March 28 - April 26.

37 Greenpoint Ave. 4th Fl
Rise,Kelie Bowman.

Calico Brooklyn
67 West St #203
(347) 450-MEOW
Fridays, 12-5pm
Colin Ruel / Eric Lee Bowman / Jon Legere. May 15 - June 13.

Seeing Backwards, David B. Smith. revisits a collection of 60s and 70s pop-culture metal lunch boxes he inherited from his father and has used in performances, sculptures, photographs, and videos over the last 10 years. June 19 - July 25.
Opening: Friday June 19, 7-9.
Greenpoint Terminal Gallery
67 West st #320
Fri and Sat 12-5
Tide Pool, Curated by Alex Ebstein. With: Andrew Guenther, Jordan Kasey, Nicholas Moenich, Tracy Thomason. April 24– May 30.

The Shared Patio, Curated by Ceclelia Salama. With: Michael Assiff, Alex Ebstein, Jamie Felton, Graham Hamilton, Leeza Meksi, Cecelia Salama, Max Warsh. June 5– July11
154 Huron Street
Saturday and Sunday, 1-6pm
Vanishing Act, Alex Blau, Paul Collins, Nick Hay, Rocky Horton, Ron Lambert, Jonathan Rattner, Karen Seapker, Thomas Sturgill. April 11 - 26.

Janet Kurnatowski
205 Norman Ave.
718 383 9380
Saturday & Sunday 1-6 pm,
Water Drops on Burning Rocks,Kris Scheifele moves from her cut acrylic paint-skins to three dimensional sculptural objects, a change influenced by the anthropomorphic abstractions of Phyllida Barlow and Judith Scott. May 1 - 31.

Layers and Gravity, new sculptures by Katsuhisa Sakai. June 5 - June 28.
Opening: Friday June 05, 7-9.
Light Industry
155 Freeman Street

Owen James Gallery
61 Greenpoint Avenue, #315
Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5
Non Mint Copy, Dina Gadia subverts the artifice often found in the commercial and popular culture influences in her native Philippines. Through her reuse of vintage material, Gadia reveals the inherent antagonism and prejudices applied to elements of taste, cultural imperialism, sexuality and nationalism. May 8 - June 13.

Real Fine Arts
673 Meeker Ave
Sat-Sun 12-6pm
Yuji AgematsuMay 17 - June 14.

The Java Project
252 Java Street, Suite #100
Tues-Thurs 2-5; Fri 4-7; Sun 4-7
Be Serious, Alison Allcock | Nefeli Asariatoki | Kimberly Atkins | Melanie Brennan | Wyatt Burns | Mitchell Charbonneau | Keiron De Nobriga | Sam Effler | Maria Fetisova | Claude Gould | Parish Harvey | Jorge Ibarra | Tess Kind | Daniel Seidman | Zachary Wampler | Dominic Ware | Andrew Zinicola. May 8-22.

Yashar Gallery
276 Greenpoint Avenue
Saturdays, Sundays 1-5
at the jump, Julia Norton. March 27th - April 12th

Yes Gallery
147 India St.
(917) 593-9237
Thurs-Fri 1-7, Sat 1-5
Beggining to see the Light, Curated by Emily Noelle Lambert. With: Tanyth Berkeley, Paul DeMuro, Rico Gaston, Ezra Johnson, Esperanza Mayobre, Phoebe Morris, Ilse Murdock, Siobhan Liddell, Claudia Pena Salinas, Peter Simensky. February 20-March 31.



Bushwick Galleries
99¢ Plus
238 Wilson Ave.
Fri-Sun 1 - 6
Yin Yang, Art & Design. May 15-June 14

Air Circulation
160 Randolph St
Buccaneer, Masquerade, Suspense; Abundance, Thorn, Champion, Recent works by Brice Brown, April 17 - May 23.

Amos Eno Gallery
The Loom-1087 Flushing Avenue, Suite 120
thurs-sun 12-6pm
Affection, Sunyoung Seo, featuring mixed media works. May 28 – June 28.
Opening: Friday May 29, 6-9.
109 Ingraham Street, suite 102
646 331 3162
Thu - Sat 12 - 6
Bestiary, To create mixed-media objects, assemblages, collages, and performances, Dan Bainbridge draws from nature, history of representation, Western mythology, childhood, adult fantasies, and popular culture. May 20-June 28.

Art Helix
299 Meserole Street
Saturdays & Sundays, 12 – 6PM
A.O. Christopher Stout, "A.O. is about the discovery of telling a visual story while not using the entirety of the painting's surface. To accomplish this, I built structural environments within the works that would allow the dynamic to be carried by the internal lines and negative space. A.O. is about an edifice to prominence." April 24 – May 10.

Black & White Gallery / Project Space
56 Bogart
Fri-Sun 1-6
Thank You, collaboration by long time friends Raul de Nievesand Erik Zajaceskowski. Using plastics and refuse the artists have painstakingly gathered from their neighborhood, they will erect a large-scale immersive environment mapping multiple narratives and mythologies of creation, destruction, and consumption that are anchored in ritual, place and history. May 15 - June 28,

396 Johnson Avenue
718 456 0396
Wednesday - Sunday 12-6pm

56 Bogart St.
Lacuna.Peter Daverington.

Belem Lett & Genevieve Felix Reynolds. April 4-20

Dress Shop
322 Troutman Street
Sat–Sun, 12–6PM
End Times,Curated by Ashley Epps. With:Kate Blomquist, Basia Goszczynska, Grace Jackson, Bomi Kim, Caitlin, MacQueen, Sarah Mattes, Gabrielle Roth, and Anna-Sophia Vukovich, and Raque Ford. May 1st-30th.

English Kills
114 Forrest St, alley entrance
Sat-Sun 1-6
Painter,Don Pablo Pedro. June 5-July 5.
Opening: Friday June 05, 7-10.
Fresh Window
56 Bogart St, lower level
718 417 0783
Fri-Sun 1-6
Hide and Seek, Margaret Coleman, Susanne Hofer, Kyoung eun Kang and Wei Xiaoguang. May 8 - June 7.

Friday Studio Gallery
56 Bogart St., 1st fl., Brooklyn.
718 821 2180
Friday, 3PM till 8 PM
"Maypole" 5/1 to 5/29/2015 An eclectic group show.

"Opposable Thumbs" 6/5 to 6/26/2015 An eclectic group show.
Opening: Friday June 05, 6 - 8 PM. 

Fuchs Projects
56 Bogart St. #1E
Fri-Sun Noon-6pm

Grace Exibition Space
840 Broadway, 2nd Floor. BROOKLYN
7-9pm 2nd / 4th Mondays, 9-11pm, 2nd/4th Fridays

Honey Ramka
56 Bogart St.
Sat-Sun 1-6
Permanent Collection, Stephen Eakin. Filling Station, Jason Reyen. March 13 - April 26.

Image Gallery
1501 Broadway
Tues-Fri 12-6
Gaia, Mark Lawrence, curated by Che Morales. May 8th-May 29th

Interstate Projects
66 Knickerbocker Ave
Sat-Sunday, 12-6 pm
Postcards...from the Museum of Gas, Chris Lux. May 8 – June 7.

1040 Metropolitan Avenue
Mon-Thurs 10:30-6, Fri 10:30-2

Jackie Klempay
81 Central Ave (1A)
Saturdays 1 - 5
Pandrogaragenous Avant-yard Sale Artist, musician, and performer Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, will be blessing objects as they are purchased (12 - 6pm Saturday and Sunday). Objects include Lady JAYE’s “throne” for her late night joint (an Afghani bridal chair with matching end tables), Songe-power figures, a Balinese human-sized chicken cage in which Gen took many an out-of-body ritual trip,
Opening: Saturday May 30, 12-6.
Kimberly -Klark
788 Woodward Avenue
Saturdays & Sundays 12-5
Lengthy Statements/Brief Statements, James Hannaham. April 11-May 10.

Knockdown Center
52-19 Flushing Ave. (Maspeth Queens)
(347) 915-5615
Saturdays and Sundays 2-6
II Machines Clive Murphy, Trevor Tweeten present two site-specific sculptural installations that address Knockdown Center’s physical space by sculpting the immaterial; light, air and sound. May 2-31

Life on Mars
56 Bogart Street
718 417 3935
Fri 3-8, Sat-Sun 1-6
ABEX - The Women of the First Generation.Michael David will moderate a symposium with art historian/critic/scholar Eleanor Hartney, Norman Kleeblatt, chief curator of The Jewish Museum, art historian/author Irving Sandler and art historian/author/critic Phyllis Tuchman.

Second Annual Summer Invitational, With: Len Bellinger, Todd Bienvenu, Farrell Brickhouse, Deborah Brown, Avital Burg, Barbara Friedman, George Gilliland, Brenda Goodman, Catherine Haggerty, Clarity Haynes, Karen Heagle, Mary DeVincentis Herzog, Maxine Hess, Dana James, Elisa Jensen, Kharis Kennedy, Anki King, Kerry Law, Arnold Mesches, Mark Milroy, Garry Nichols, Dave Pollack, James Prez, Karen Schwartz, Edith Singer, Joyce Yamada. June 4 - July 19.
Opening: Thursday June 04, 6-9.
1623 Hancock St. Ridgewood
Saturday & Sunday 1- 6
Animals & Imaginations, works by Graham Parker Ansell, Fumi Mini Nakamura, Shinji Murakami, Emmy Mikelson. April 18-May 17.

Los Ojos
12 Cypress Avenue
Sat-Sun 12-6
Refraction Index, Photographs by Sophie Barbasch, Mark Dorf, Chris Mottalini, and John Murphy. March 13- April 19.

Luhring Augustine Bushwick
25 Knickerbocker Ave.
Thurs-Sun 12-5:30
Christopher Wool.new paintings and sculptures. May 2 - Jun 21.

Open Studios Book Sale, a summer Book Sale to coincide with the 9th Annual Bushwick Open Studios. June 4-7.
1329 Willoughby Ave #2B, Brooklyn, NY 11237
Thurs-Mon 1-6PM, and by appointment
source material, Kevin Reuning (aka kevvy metal). With source material Reuning expands his practice of computer 3D animation through new installations, paintings, digital prints, videos and sculptures based on the models, plugins, and other elements, considering concepts of identity, authorship, and online sharing. May 29 - July 5, 2015
Opening: Friday May 29, 6-9.
Momenta Art
56 Bogart Street
Thu-Mon 12-6pm

Norte Maar
83 Wyckoff Avenue, #1B
Oct 23-26, 12-6pm

56 Bogart
Thu - Mon, 12-6pm
What It Was, NURTUREart is pleased to present What It Was, curated by Project Curate with Adam Parker Smith, and featuring artists Avantika Bawa, Brent Birnbaum, Wyatt Burns, Stephanie Dinkins, Patrick Mohundro, and Scott Rogers. What It Was asks us to confront our pasts and explore the potential of alternate and plural futures. In predicting what role art will have in our own lives and the lives of others, we wonder: where will the future be? May 1 - May 29.

Davide Zucco: Deep TimeNURTUREart is delighted to announce Deep Time, Davide Zucco’s first New York solo exhibition, opening on the occasion of Bushwick Open Studios. In Zucco’s most recent body of work, metal surfaces transition from tarnished to polished, flowing over structurally rigorous, symbolic drawing and composition. Sweeping gestural inserts, striated by finely detailed plumes, are inspired by the kaleidoscopic patterns found in petrified wood. June 5 - July 11
Opening: Friday June 05, 7-9PM.
229 Cook Street
Fri-Sun 1-6
Textual, Leonardo Benzant | Annette Cords | Elana Herzog | Ken Weathersby. April 24- May 31.

Victory Over the Sun. Mary Judge and Gilbert Hsaio will be showing new paintings, being exhibited for the first time. Riffing on influences from Suprematism and the de Stijl movements. June 5 – July 5.
Opening: Saturday June 06, 6-8.Artist's Talk.
Opening: Thursday June 11, 7pm.
Outlet, Fine Art
253 Wilson Ave.
Sat-Sun 1-6pm
Judith Dolnick, paintings. Lucy Mink, comes in the moment so please stay in touch. May 18 – June 28.

Outpost Artists Resources
1665 Norman St
718. 599.2385
Fire Over Heaven, A new monthly series curated by Greg Fox. featuring: Mike Wexler, Aaron Roche, Grey Mcmurray. featuring: BYRON WESTBROOK, REBECCA FOON, COLIN STETSON / GREG FOX / TREVOR DUNN

Present Co.
254 Johnson Avenue
1-6 Saturdays and Sundays
some false moves, a group exhibition derived from a curatorial prompt. Artists were asked to respond or choose affinities to the exhibition's title with new or recent works. "some false moves" was extracted from a text-based work by Richard Long, a British sculptor and land artist. Featuring: Alexandre Brandão, Amanda Curreri, Jennifer Grimyser, Zerek Kempf, Yeni Mao, Lance Rautzhan, Max Stolkin, Angie Waller, Robin Winters, Audra Wolowiec. 29 May-28 June.
Opening: Friday May 29, 7-10.
Robert Henry Contemporary
56 Bogart St.
(718) 473-0819
Thu-Sun 1-6pm
Slightly Ajar, Sharon Lawless continues to use found materials — discarded packaging, paint samples, wrapping paper and altered pages from auction catalogs — in her manipulation of two modern traditions, collage and geometric abstraction as she explores the tension between accident and control and how this tension effects perception. April 24 – May 31.

A Random Meander: James Cullinane, Nene Humphrey and Taney Roniger. June 4 – August 2.
Opening: Thursday June 04, 6-9.
286 Stanhope Street
New Drawings, Maria Calandra. May 30-June 28.
Opening: Saturday May 30, 6-9.
Schema Projects
92 St Nicholas Ave
Fri. 1-5 pm, Sat-Sun. 1-6
VOLUME 1, co-curated by Mary Judge and Enrico Gomez. Nancy Baker, Richard Bottwin, Jaynie Crimmins, Mila Dau, Edoardo De Falchi, Ellen Hackl Fagan, Joan Grubin, Brent Hallard, Karen Margolis, Lael Marshall, Alex Paik, Gary Passanise, Sylvia Schwartz, Lawrence Swan, Austin Thomas. May 15 - June 14.

Secret Project Robot
389 Melrose St.
Thurs-Sat 6-9
Nomadic Structures of the Past and Future.In The Gallery Until April 11th.

260 Johnson Avenue
347 746 8457
Sat-Sun, 1-6
Como la FlorTravis Boyer, with Caitlin Keogh. May 29th - June 27th.
Opening: Friday May 29, 7-10pm .
Slag Contemporary
56 Bogart St. #005
212 967 9818
Thurs-Sat. 12-6
Rites, new paintings by Tirtzah Bassel and Dumitru Gorzo. April 24 - May 31.

Starlings Over Yellowstone, sculptural assemblage by Hartmut Stockter. June 4th – July 5th.
Opening: Thursday June 04, 7-9.
Songs for Presidents
1673 Gates Avenue (basement) Ridgewood, NY
Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 6
Forever 21, Julian Pozzi’s paintings and sculptures are based in part on a crumpled job application for retail giant Forever 21 found on the street in midtown Manhattan. May 16 - June 28.

Storefront Ten Eyck
324 Ten Eyck Street
Sat-Sun, 1-6
Re/Post, curated by Ian Cofre. Philip Hackworth Ashley, Pedro Barbeito, Adolfo Bimer, Lydia Dona, Franklin Evans, Alejandro Leonhardt, Fabian Marcaccio, Martha Mysko, Willie Wayne Smith, Rafael Vega. June 5-June 28.
Opening: Friday June 05, 6-9. + performance by Dr. Zizmor

Studio 10
56 Bogart St.
Fri-Mon 1-6
META-residue: input, material, spaceRichard Garet. The exhibition includes sound art, multimedia installation, moving image, painting and collage. May 8-31.

Tightrope Walking Over Delusions Swampland, Curated by Michele Araujo. Works by Rochelle Feinstein, Munro Galloway, Larry Greenberg, Suzanne Joelson, Adam Simon. June 4-July 12.
Opening: Thursday June 04, 7-9.
Temporary Storage Gallery
119 Ingraham St., ground floor
Wednesday-Saturday, 12-7
How 'Bout Now? Curated by Dan Kopp for BFP Creative. Featuring work by: Ivin Ballen, Rory Baron, Robert Drysdale, Stacy Fisher, Sara Gates, Dan Kopp, Eve Lateiner, Oliver Michaels, Middle Kingdom, Gili Mocanu, Dan Rushton, Mark Sengbusch. April 10th-24th / Opening reception on April 10th.

The Active Space
566 Johnson Ave
Reactivator, is a group survey of the past and current building residence at The Active Space and their affiliates. For over 7 years, this building has welcomed artists from all stages of their creative pursuits. Inna Babaeva, Erin Hinz, Ivan Rivera, Leah Beeferman, Clemens Klinkert, Phillip Stearns, Christian Berman, Lilian Kreutzberger, Ross Tibbles, Joe Bochysnski, Andria Morales, Joanne Ungar, Dave Choi, Brian Matthew, Sebastian Vallejo, Theresa Daddezio, Matt Miller, Vydavy, Micha Sklar & Zhenya Plechkina, Stacy Fisher, Andrew Prayzner, Ashley Zelinskie, Nick Greenwald, Ben Prichard, Rachel Grobstein, Elizabeth Riley, Jen Hitchings. May 28- June 14.

The Living Gallery
1094 Broadway
Wednesdays & Fridays 1-5pm

The Parlour
791 Bushwick Ave
(718) 360-3218
Sundays 12-6pm
Neo-Craftism, co-organized by Rachel Gorchov, Roxanne Jackson and Robin Kang. Featuring Sarah Bednarek, Rachel Gorchov, Roxanne Jackson, Robin Kang, Katerina Lanfranco, Heidi Lau, Rebecca Morgan, Courtney Puckett, and Nichole Van Beek. May 22-June 21.

Theodore: Art
56 Bogart Street
Fri-Sun 1-6
IterationsLisa Beck / Michael Scott / Jay Shinn. April 18 – May 24.

Vernacular, ​​Eric Brown • Sharon Butler • Joyce Robins • Andrew Seto. May 31 – July 12, 2015
Opening: Sunday May 31, 3-6.
1030 Metropolitan Ave
Saturdays 2 – 7
New Portraiture, Rollin Leonard's systematic exploration of the human body’s digital afterlife. His photographed subjects are submitted to all kinds of algorithmic tortures, their limbs disjoined from one another or repeated indefinitely to create compositions that are abstract yet still recognizably humanoid.

1329 Willoughby Avenue, 2A
Friday 6-9pm, Weekends 12-6pm
Spooky Laughter at a Distance, Jennifer Grimyser, Todd Kelley, Ben Pederson. May 22-June 28.

The Model Reader, Paul Gagner, Alex Gingrow, Megan Hays, Elle Perez, Devin Powers. June 5-28.
Opening: Friday June 05, 6-9.
1329 Willoughby Ave, #2
Saturday and Sunday, 12-6pm
Night Flight, Curated by Jackie Hoving and Norm Paris. Featuring: Benjamin Degen, Johannes DeYoung, Angela Dufresne, Charlotte Hallberg, Trenton Doyle Hancock, MaryKate Maher, Tom McGrath, Mark Shetabi, and Jude Tallichet. May 22 – June 28.

87 Richardson St.
Sat-Sun 1pm - 6pm
Right of Window, Sophie Grant and Jenna Westra. May 16th – June 7th.

1109 Dekalb Ave
Sundays 1–5
Star! Star! Star! Circle! George Ferrandi. Survivor: Modern Times in Navajo Textiles, Marlowe Katoney. Curated by Candace Jeanne Moeller.
Opening: Friday May 29, 7-10.


Bedford-Stuyvesant Galleries
ARTs East New York Inc.
851 Hegeman Ave.
HerPrint, [re] Imaginations of the Female Body. A visual exercise in tracing women's imprint on our imaginations. Through the eyes of 8 artists, 4 women and 4 men, the female body is explored. This muse takes on transformations of the past, present, future and somewhere in between. What it says for how we remember her body and where it will go is up to the voyeur’s further imagination. Featuring Artists: Stephanie Kiah, Moll Quill, Jabari Owens-Bailey, Lorra Jackson, Tailine, Kenneth Browne, Alejandro Acosta, Ernesto Hood.

Brooklyn Children's Museum
145 Brooklyn Avenue
718 735-4400
Tues-Sun, 10-5
From Here to There, lift, launch and levitate as you experiment with hands-on exhibits that make learning about gravity, friction, and the laws of motion fun. February 6—May 10, 2015

Elgin Gallery
52 Tompkins Avenue,
Friday-Sunday 1:30-6

Good Work Gallery
1100 Broadway
Sat and Sun, April 5 – 20, 1 – 7
A Feeling, Catherine Pearson, Book Launch and Exhibition

112 Rogers Ave. #2
24 hours window
Love Gasoline, Brad Brown.

495 Rogers Avenue
Friday - Sunday, 12-5pm
Craig Drennen is Awful.This exhibition will feature the performance Awful Inside helper on opening night, with two simultaneous performers, two drawings, and additional ephemera. Props from the performances will be altered and installed as components of an installation that will continue for the duration of the exhibition. An unlimited t-shirt edition will be available to selected viewers. This exhibition is the latest iteration of Drennen’s ongoing intervention into Timon of Athens, the only play by Shakespeare not performed in his lifetime. May 9 - June 14.

House of Art Gallery
408 Marcus Garvey Blvd.
347 663-8195
Tues.-Sunday, 2-7

Skylight Gallery
1368 Fulton St
Wed-Fri 11-6, Sat 1-6
Poems for the Breaking of Spells,works by Che Baraka, curated by Danny Simmons. March 7-May 23.

The Bishop
916 Bedford Avenue
703 888 7591
Thurs-Friday 11-6, Sat 12-6

Tomato House
301 Saratoga Avenue
Saturday 1-6



Dumbo/Downtown Galleries
--DUMBO First Thursday--
Opening: Thursday June 04, 1-6.
A.I.R. Gallery
155 Plymouth Street
Tues-Sun 12-6
Daria Dorosh, The Art of Sleep. Yvette Drury Dubinsky, Tondos, Tornados, Torpedoes. Sara Mejia Kriendler, The Anthropocene. May 5 - 31.

Kathleen Schneider, past/PRESENT. Marcia Neblett, Hybrids. Alexandria Smith, No one belongs here more than you. June 3 - 27.
Opening: Thursday June 04, 6-9.2015-16 Fellowship Welcome Party, with guest speaker: Martha Wilson.
Opening: Wednesday June 03, 6:30-7:30.
Brooklyn Arts Council Gallery
111 Front St., Suite 218
Mon-Fri 10am-5pm
Rub Me the Wrong Way, an installation that will transform BAC Gallery into an interactive, domestic environment created entirely out of sandpaper. Talasco uses beauty and humor to reference unrealistic notions of female identity within the home. September 26, 2014 – February 13.

Brooklyn Historical Society
128 Pierrepont Street
Fri, Sun 12 – 5; Sat 10 – 5
Sweet Industries: Refining What We Know, stories of sugar and its associated businesses with a focus on two companies: Domino Sugar Corporation and Drake’s Bakeries. May 2014 - June 2015

Full Steam Ahead: 200 Years of Ferries in Brooklyn. May 2014 - June 2015

Mapping Brooklyn, February 26- May 3. Curated by Elizabeth Ferrer.
Gallery Gaia
79 Hudson Avenue
Sat-Sun. 1-6
Wild Women, installation by Diana Leidel and Cat Del Buono celebrating women you may never have heard of. June 5-28.
Opening: Thursday June 04, 6-8.
Issue Project Room
22 Boerum Place

Klompching Gallery
111 Front St, Suite 206
Wed-Sat 11-6pm
Portrait, Doug Keyes. March 5 – April 11.

Kunsthalle Galapagos
16 Main St & 111 Front St
Mon-Sat 12-6

Phantasmagoria, Group exhibition, a collection of works curated by Annie Carroll and Caroline Absher.
Long Island University/Salena Gallery
LIU Brooklyn 1 University Plaza Brooklyn,
9-6pm (m-f) & 12-6 (Sat.)
100 Portraits: Women Artists, Photographs by Barbara Yoshida. March 3rd - March 27th. 7-9

Masters Projects, Inc
111 Front St. No 212
Peter Buechler, JAN 29 - MAR 14.

Minus Space
16 Main St.
Weds-Sat 12-6pm
Color Energy.Robert Swain presents an immersive set of three new nine by nine foot paintings, in which squares of pure color are arranged into grids that are subtly modulated by hue, value, and saturation.
Opening: Saturday May 30, 6-9.
New York Foundation for the Arts
20 Jay Street, Suite 740
La Crisalida, Curated by David C. Terry. Featuring artists: Lily Acevedo, Maria Aguilar, Gabriela Alfaro de Jolicoeur, Keith L. Andrews, BEMEKA, Monika Bruch, Luisa Caballeros, Analu Castejon, Andrea de Leon Fagiani, Wandy Gálvez, gART, Lissette Girón, Cindy Janeth d’O, María Hortensia Jiménez, Manuel Morquecho, Leslie Nanne, María Jimena Navarro, Ana Lorena Nuñez, Lucia Rohrmann, Waseem Syed, VALENZ, Karin Weller, and Xanderall. May 29 - Fri Oct 02
Opening: Friday May 29, 6-9.
Porter Contemporary
111 Front Street, Suite 220
Friday - Sunday 12 - 6 PM
Catalyst by Jeff Huntington. And Holder of the Voice by Jee Hwang.

33 Washington Street
718 852 1500
Weekdays 12-6
A Retroreflective, Gabriel Mellan. Reflective art in the dark made for the flash of a camera phone and a third-eye-LED. Through May 21st.

Sculptors Guild Gallery
111 Front Street, Suite 256
Thurs & Fri, 12-5
Mary Annella Frank, May 7- June 13
Opening: Thursday June 04, 6-9.
Smack Mellon
92 Plymouth St
Wed-Sun 12-6
Story of a Story Curated by Shlomit Dror. With: Jisun Beak, Bruce Campbell, Samantha Fein, Eduardo Gil, Hadassa Goldvicht, Jeremy Jams, Margaret Lee, Kwantaeck Park, Stass Shpanin, Karina Aguilera Skvirsky, Masha Vlasova, Alisha Wessler and Brett Day Windham. June 13 - July 26
Opening: Saturday June 13, 5-8.
St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church
157 Montague Street
Tuesday through Thursday, 12 noon – 3:00 pm, Sunda
Back to Life: Resurrection Reimagined, Jointly presented and curated by the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) and the Forum @ St. Ann’s. Work by NYFA Fellows, Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program artists, and Boot Camp artists: DesiréeAlvarez, Felix R. Cid, Jamie Diamond, Sinéad Cullen, David Sandlin, Michael Greathouse, Ellen Grossman, Katya Grokhovsky, Jen P. Harris, and Hidemi Takagi.

Stephen Romano Gallery
111 Front Street, Suite 208
Weds-Sat 12-6pm
Abundantia Cornu Copiae, March 5th - May 2.

Triangle Arts Association
163 Plymouth Street
Tues-Sat 12-6pm

United Photo Industries
111 Front Street, Suite 204
Monday - Friday, 11-6
Exiled to Nowhere: Burma's Rohingya. Greg Constantine. May 12-28.



Boerum Hill Galleries
247365 Brooklyn
131 Huntington St.
Sat-Sun, noon-6
Dr. Kid President Jr. Brian Belott. 5/10—6/20.

490 Atlantic Gallery
490 Atlantic Ave.
Tues. - Sat. 2:00 - 6:00
Spring Group Show, Robert Dandarov, Scott Endsley, Marney Fuller, Juliane Hundertmark, Victor Kord, Judith Linhares, Sarah Lutz, Mary McDonnell, Loren Munk, John Parris, Alan Paulson, Robert Selwyn, Peter Stankiewicz, Ron Taylor, William Wegman. May 9-June 13.

The Invisible Dog
51 Bergen St
Thu-Sun 1-7pm
Man at Work, For this unique variation on 3D-cinema, Julien Maire made his images using a 3D-printer. followed by Ayelen Parolin
Opening: Friday June 12, 6-8.Opening: Saturday June 13, 6-8.


Fort Greene/Clinton Hill Galleries
321 Gallery
321 Washington Avenue
Saturday 12-5
Sollpsistic Trollop Mystic, Jake Borndal.

BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music)
30 Lafayette Ave.
(718) 636-4100
Open during BAMcafé hours and by appointment
What Makes You So Special, Lisa Levy and Rebecca Norton. Sep 1—Feb 12.

BRIC House
647 Fulton Street
Tue-Sun 10-8pm
Mapping Brooklyn, Curated by Elizabeth Ferrer, with: Aaron Beebe, Daniel Bejar, Francisca Benitez, Gail Biederman, Justin Blinder, Christine Gedeon, Katarina Jerinic, Joyce Kozloff, Laura Kurgan, Peter Lapsley, Jennifer Maravillas, Simonetta Moro, Bundith Phunsombatlert, Jan Rothuizen, Patricia Smith, Nick Vaughan & Jake Margolin, and Sarah Williams. February 26-May 3.

Corridor Gallery
334 Grand Ave
Tue-Thu 10-6, Fri-Sat 12-6

Guild Greene Gallery
281 Greene Avenue
Thurs-Sat, 2-8, Sun, 12-6
I Love a Parade! a show of large narrative paintings depicting the american experience. Works by Kris Krohn. May 15-June 21

Kinz + Tillou Fine Art
59 Cambridge Place
Thurs., Fri. & Sat. 12 - 5 p.m.
Nothin to HIde, The Feminine Landscape of 12 Latin American Artists. Silvina Arismendi, Monika Bravo, Tania Candiani, Carolina Caycedo, Nicole Franchy, Voluspa Jarpa, Regina José Galindo, Mariana Juliano, Jessica Sofia Mitrani, Milagros de la Torre, Cecilia Vicuña, Manuela Viera-Gallo. Curated with Monika Bravo and Manuela Viera-Gallo. March 1 - April 18.

80 Hanson Place
Wed-Sun 12-7pm
Vision Quest. Amaryllis DeJesus Moleski & Sheena Rose. February 7 – May 31. Curated by Isissa Komada-John.

Ouchi Gallery
170 Tillary Street, Suite 507
(347) 987-4606
Tues 7-10, Weds-Sun 12-6
Another Sky, Yogo Iogawa. 5/26-31.

The 10th Annual 100 Artists Exhibition, 6/13- 6/28.
Opening: Friday June 12, 12-6.
Pandemic Gallery
22 Waverly Ave.
(917) 727-3466
Thurs. 1-7

Pratt Institute Galleries
200 Willoughby Avenue, Chemistry Building 1st floor
Mon-Fri, 11am-5pm
The Artist as Provocateur, Pioneering Performance at Pratt Institute, Ann Messner, Jennifer Miller, Theodora Skipitares, Martha Wilson, and students, Feb 2-Mar 7.

SONYA, South of the Navy Yard Artists
122 Washington Ave

St. Josephs College Gallery
Alumni Room Gallery Tuohy Hall, 245 Clinton Avenue

TRA Gallery
35 Claver Place #1
Fri 4-7pm, Sat 1-5pm

647 Fulton Street
Tues-Sat 12-6pm
New Work: The UrbanGlass MFA Exhibition, 4 artists from around the United States: Doreen Garner, Shaun Griffiths, Tatara Siegel, and Kim Watters, all recent MFA recipients. June 10 - August 22.
Opening: Monday June 22, 6-8.


Park Slope/Gowanus Galleries
440 Gallery
440 6th Ave
Thu-Fri 4-7, Sat-Sun 11-7
States of Mind, Shanee Epstein. Vicki Behm, Fred Bendheim, and Laurie Lee-Georgescu in the project space. April 30 – May 31.

543 Union Street
Thurs & Fri. 3-6, Sat & Sun. 12 – 6
Inside/Outside, new ceramics and drawings by Anne-Marie McIntyre.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden Steinhardt Conservancy Gallery
Tues-Fri 8-6, Sat-Sun 10-6
Natural Remains: Artist Jessica Baker uses innovative and original processes to create unique prints on paper and directly on leaves, as well as mixed-media works. April 4–May 17.

Brooklyn Museum
200 Eastern Pkwy
Wed-Fri 10-5, Sat-Sun 11-6, First Sat of the month
Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks, April 3–August 23. Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic, February 20–May 24. Chitra Ganesh: Eyes of Time, December 12, 2014–July 12.

First SaturdayOpening: Saturday June 06, 5-11.
Court Tree Collective
371 Court Street in Carroll Gardens
Mon, Wed, Fri, 3-6,and Sat. 12-5
the sum of uncountable things, collaborations / interactions / conversations with the poetry of Denver Butson. May 2 – May 29.

Dawn Hunter Gallery
200 6th street
12-5 Saturday and Sunday
Myth, Archaeology and Itinerate Futures, features recent work by Maya Suess and Jeanne Wilkinson and closes this weekend May 31,

A performance driven installation by Samuel Nichols.
Opening: Thursday June 25, .
Ethan Pettit Gallery
10 Eighth Avenue #3
Saturdays and Sundays 1-6
3rd Floor, ring bell number 3

558 St. John's Place
Thu-Sun 1-6pm
Performances: E. James Ford, Marie Christine Katz, and Valerie Kuehne.Opening: Sunday May 31, 6pm.Color: Sculpted and Painted, Dieter Kuhn, Norbert Masal, Cindy Millin, Scott Reeds. June 6 - June 28.
Opening: Saturday June 06, 5:30 - 8pm.
Gowanus Ballroom
55 9th Street, Building 61
Fri 6pm-1am, Sat 3pm-1am, Sun 12pm–5pm
Brooklyn Spaces Book Launch, with author Oriana Leckert. A group show featuring the fantastic Brooklyn Spaces photographers: Maximus Commissar, Alix Piorun, Walter Wlodarczyk, Kit Crenshaw, Tod Seelie, Julie Roberts, Shannon Carroll, Michael Blase, Irene Remi Pann, Jon Handel. See website for list of performers.
Opening: Saturday May 30, 7pm.
Gowanus Print Lab
54 Second Avenue
Mon-Thurs 10-10, Fri-Sat 10-7, Sun 12-7
She Blinded Me With Science, a femenist science fiction group show. Feb 18-April 4

Kings Highway Library
115 Ocean Ave
Jwish Super Hero Comics, Exhibition by Joshua Stulman. Curated by Boris Ioselev. June 2 – July 31.
Opening: Tuesday June 02, 6-8.
Littlefield, 622 Degraw Street
True Colors, An Exhibition by Natale Adgnot & Edward Granger Two Artists Look Beyond The Image. Curated by Julie Kim.

Morbid Anatomy Museum
424A 3rd Ave (Corner of 7th St)
Do The Spirits Return? The exhibition will feature stunning and rarely exhibited original stage props, posters, photographs, artworks, letters, books, and even the fabled "Luxor Mummy," all drawn from the collection of Brooklyn native Rory Feldman. April 11-January 5.

Open Source
306 17th St.
Thurs: 11am-2pm; Fri/Sat 2pm-6pm
Endless, Seamless, Yun-Woo Choi. May 2 - May 31.

Ortega y Gasset Projects
363 Third Avenue
1-6pm, Sat & Sun
Imaginary Monuments, Curated by Fritz Horstman. Works by Aimée Burg, Mark Dixon, Thale Fastvold, Emily Hass and Matthew Koons. April 25 – May 24.
Opening: Sunday May 31, 3-5. Closing reception

Proteus Gowanus
543 Union St
Thu-Fri 3-6pm, Sat-Sun 12-6pm
Trade Routes - The third exhibition of the COMMERCE year: Trade Routes, highlighting the thoroughfares of commerce and the cultural porosity they create by looking at changes in styles and meanings of materials and objects which have journeyed the globe.

Gowanus Marketplace: This final exhibition of the COMMERCE year explores the intersection of artistry and industry along the Gowanus Canal, featuring the work of Gowanus-based artists, artisans, and makers in a re-imagined Old World marketplace. To be Looked at and Read: This bkbx opening exhibition features Caroline Carlsmith, Wah-Ming Chang, Cathy C. Cook, Carrie Cooperider, Charles Fetherolf, Stefanie Koseff and José Antonio Suárez Londoño.
Showroom Gowanus
460 Union St.
718 522 3363
Thurs-Sun, 12 - 6

Sky Gallery
460 Union Street
Mon Fri 12-4pm
William Suran, and his watercolor paintings and prints, "Demon" series.

Soapbox Gallery
636 Dean Street, Brooklyn
Minimus 3D Arkestra, a duo with Ikuo Nakamura and Hayes Greenfield. 3D film mixed mixing stereo 3D images in real time with solo horn, stereo pedal EFX rig, and looper.

The Shed
366 6th Street
Descent, An Installation by Brenna Beirne.

Trestle Gallery
168 7th Street, 3rd Floor (Buzz #35)
Mon-Fri 11-6
Breathing Room, featuring new works by artists Elizabeth Gilfilen, Jason Karolak, and Rachael Wren. May 15 - June 19


Sunset Park Galleries
Bay Ridge SAW,
5th Avenue in Bay Ridge
storefront Art Walk.is set to launch its interactive art experience along Fifth Avenue on Saturday, May 16th. Fifteen Brooklyn artists have been chosen to create site-specific art installations in collaboration with merchants along the avenue from 68th Street to 84th Street.
Kingsborough Community College Art Gallery
Art and Science Building, 2001 Oriental Blvd
Revising History, Jennifer Greenburg uses vintage snapshot negatives from the 1940s-1960s, seamlessly inserts herself into past moments she never lived.

NARS Foundation
201 46th St, 4th Floor
Mon-Fri, 1-5; Sat-Sun by appt.
CURATICISM |The Gam #3, a Spoken Words Exhibition curated by Alessandro Facente with artists Magali a Spoken Words Exhibition curated by Alessandro Facente with artists Magali Duzant (USA), Katrina Neumann (USA), Yvonne C Roth (Germany), Knutte Wester (Sweden), and curator Tina Kukielski (New York) about the concept of displacement as intersection.
Opening: Saturday June 13, 3pm.
Tabla Rasa Gallery
224 48th St
Thursday-Saturday 1-5; August:
Otto Neals: An Artistic Legacy, 2015-06-04

Gallery talk.
Opening: Wednesday July 01, 6:30- 7:30. Closing reception, Saturday, July 11, 2:00 - 4:00.



Red Hook Galleries
499 Van Brunt St
Sat-Sun, 1-6
Renew, an open show, with the work of two hundred artists in all media. Also upstairs is Recycle, a juried show of sophisticated two- and three- dimensional art crafted from cast-off, discarded and re-purposed materials. Juried Elissa Goldstone. Wide Open 6 BWAC’s, selected by the Brooklyn Museum’s Rujeko Hockley.

Hot Wood Arts
481 Van Brunt #9B (2nd floor)
Saturdays and Sundays 1-6pm
Scannograms, by Jack Robinson. Curated by: Megan Suttles. May 9th – June 14th.

Kentler International Drawing Space
353 Van Brunt Street
Thu-Sun 12-5pm

Peninsula Art Space
352 Van Brunt St
12-7pm Th-Sun
The Kentler Flatfiles: Red Hook Artists-The 90'sCurated by Florence Neal. Sunny Balzano, Brendt Berger, Doug Campbell, Beth Caspar, Richard Dennis, Karni Dorell, Richard Gins, Robert Grenier, Dragan Ilic, Tone Johansen, Elise Kaufman, Rosalinda Kolb, David MacKenzie, Bettina Magi, Richard Mock, Florence Neal, Janet Neuhauser, Tina K. Olsen, Scott Pfaffman, Jens Veneman, Harriet Zucker. April 9 - May 3.

Pioneer Works
159 Pioneer St. Brooklyn NY 11231
Weds-Sun, 12-6
Z, an exhibition of unique, glass plate portraits by American photographer Robyn Hasty. Curated by Walker Waugh. June 11- July 4.
Opening: Thursday June 11, 6-9.Second Sundays, a monthly series of open studios, live music, and site-specific interventions presented by Pioneer Works the second Sunday of every month. The series showcases artists in residence along with musical performances and DJs, curated by Olivier Conan.
Rhombus Space
183 Lorraine Street, 3rd Floor, #33
Sat-Sun 1-5pm
Heavy Metal, featuring artwork by MaDora Frey, Tom Kotik, Robbii, Esther Ruiz, Alexa Williams, and Ward Yoshimoto. Curated by Katerina Lanfranco. April 10 - May 3.

Waterfront Museum
290 Conover St. Pier 44
(718) 624-4719 ext. 11
Thurs 4-8, Sat 1-5