wagmag Brooklyn Art Guide
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Williamsburg Galleries
AG Gallery
310 Grand Street
12-8 every day
Folklore, Maria Montiel. March 3-April 15.

Black Ball Projects
374 Bedford Ave
Saturdays & Sundays 12-6
unRaveling, works by: Abdolreza Aminlari, Bibi Calderaro, Adam Fowler, Andrea Merkx, Mark Schubert, Lauren Seiden, Iva Simčić. March 14 – April 15.

Something Other than What You Are, Camel Collective. April 19, 2018 – June 3.
Opening: Saturday April 28, 4pm. Artist Talk

Brooklyn Art Library
28 Frost Street
12-8pm Everyday
Sketchbook Projecta collection of close to 30,000 sketchbooks (and counting) submitted by people of all ages and backgrounds from around the world. Thats over a million pages of original artwork made by everyday people, from arts professionals to students, kids, parents, and anyone in between.

City Reliquary
370 Metropolitan
Thursday-Sunday 12-6PM
Empire Skate: The Birthplace of Roller Disco.exploring its role as a national icon and a focal point of the African American community in Brooklyn.
Opening: Saturday May 19, 6pm.
El Museo de Los Sures
120 South First St.
(718) 387-3600
Thurs-Sun, 1-6

168 North 6th St.
Sat-Sun 1-6
Unexpected Realities: Comics, Culture and Society in Contemporary Art, with Peter Kernz, Ai Kijima, Susan Newmark, Mark Newport, Aaron Noble, Donald Perlis, K. Saito. curated by Bruce Weber. March 2 - April 15.

My Encounter with Momoi, Fulvia Zambon. A striking series of oil paintings that highlight figures with nature. April 20 - May 3.
Opening: Friday April 20, 6-9.
Holland Tunnel Gallery
61 South 3 rd st
718 384-5738
Sat-Sun 1-5
hollandtunnelart@ gmail.com
Reverie, Metal sculpture by Alexandra Limpert. This exhibition will feature a collection of figurative and kinetic metal sculptures. April 14 - May 20.
Opening: Saturday April 14, 6-8.
319 Bedford Ave.
Fri-Mon 12-6pm
The Greatest Show on Earth, Sideshow Nation VI, Huge group exhibition featuring hundreds of artists. Through March 25.

348 South 4th Street
Saturday and Sunday, 12:00-5:00
Several Years Have Passed, Curated by Jenny Nichols. With: Patricia Iglesias, Lee Maida, Mónica Palma, Annette Wehrhahn, Abbey WIlliams March 25–April 29.
Opening: Sunday April 29, 6-8. closing reception

Southfirst: Art
60 North 6th St.
Sat-Sun 12-6 and by appointment
is moving, see website for details

The Boiler
191 North 14th St
Thurs-Sun 12-6pm
Boiling Point, curated by Regina Basha.
Opening: Saturday May 05, 7-9.
The Journal Gallery
106 North 1st
718 218 7148
12-6 Tues-Sun
Tennis Elbow. Solo presentations opening every Saturday at 12 pm. Carl D’Alvia May 5 – 11. Dickon Drury May 12 – 18. Emily Mullin May 19 – 25
Opening: Friday May 25, 12pm.Rose and Tory on Paper, Rose Wylie. May 31-June 26.
Opening: Thursday May 31, 6-9.
Williamsburg Art & Historical Center
135 Broadway
Fri-Mon 12-6pm
WAH Goes Abroad. Curated by Richard Sanchez Show Dates: Saturday, May 19 – Sunday, June 10, 2018 Opening Reception: Saturday, May 19th, 4 – 6pm

See You Again, Orin! Painting, Video, Photographs, and Drawings by Orin Buck. Saturday May 19th - Sunday, June 10th
Opening: Saturday May 19, 4-6. Sahasra Sambamoorthi, co-founder and Artistic Director of Navatman Dance, performing a traditional classical Indian dance, Bharatanatyam,



Greenpoint Galleries
106 Greene
104 Green Street
Sat and Sundays 12-5
Resting Position, a solo exhibition of new works by Angela Heisch. May 12 - June 10.
Opening: Saturday May 12, 6-8.
67 West building #103 (in the courtyard)
Saturday and Sunday 11-5 pm
The Art of Protest, Jonathan Allen, Isidro Blasco, John Baber, Nancy Bowen, Rachel Frank, Mary Frank, Jake Kahana, Eileen Jeng Lynch "Give Voice" Postcard Project, Nicky Enright, Carol Saft, Rudy Shepherd, Sandra Mack Valencia, Ken Ragsdale, Joyce Kozloff, Angela Dufresne, Lizzie Bonaventura, Maritza Ramirez, Nancy Chunn. Curated by Elizabeth Cooper. March 16th- April 29th.

Auxiliary Projects
212R Norman Avenue
Sat and Sun 1pm-6pm
Hand Held, Valery Jung Estabrook creates intimate sculptures and videos that transform private acts of remembrance into a recorded, relivable experience for the viewer. Valery Jung Estabrook. May 11 - June 17.
Opening: Friday May 11, 6-9.
37 Greenpoint Ave. 4th Fl

Calico Brooklyn
67 West St #203
(347) 450-MEOW
Fridays, 12-5pm
Surfaces. urated by Owen Houhoulis. featuring works by: Takuji Hamanaka, Andrew Kennedy, Magda DeJose, Joanne Ungar, and Richard Bottwin. April 20 - May 18.

Picnic, Curated by Aimee Lusty. Works by: Adams Puryear, Austin Thomas, Caroline Paquita, Chrissy Angliker, Gahee Park, Jason Kachadourian, Jon Bocksel, Jonathan Campolo, Jordan Kasey, Kate Nielsen, Michael Hambouz, Mike Taylor, Pareesa Pourian, Sara Berks, Steph Becker, and Sto Len. June 1 - 24.
Opening: Friday June 01, 7-10.
Greenpoint Terminal Gallery
67 West st #320
Fri and Sat 12-5

Light Industry
155 Freeman Street
An Evening with Rhonda Lieberman.Opening: Tuesday May 29, 7:30pm.
Simuvac Projects
99 Norman Avenue
Wed - Saturday: 11-6 Sunday 12-6

The Java Project
252 Java Street, Suite #100
Sun 1-6

Yashar Gallery
276 Greenpoint Avenue
Saturdays, Sundays 1-5
Woods, Claire McConaughy. 2/7/18-3/22/18



Bushwick Galleries
Amos Eno Gallery
56 Bogart Street
thurs-sun 12-6pm
Sculpture 56: Perceptual Slip, Damfino (Chris Esposito+Matt Greco), Sam Jones, Erik Patton, José-Ricardo Presman. April 13 - May 25.
Opening: Friday April 13, 6-9.What Happens When You Die And When You're Born. José-Ricardo Presman. May 31 -Jun 24.
Opening: Friday June 01, 7-9. Artist talk: Saturday, June 23, 4 PM

Art + Method
236 Moore Street, No. 401
Friday and Saturdays: 12pm to 5pm
Wheels, Trees and Ice, three collections of work from New York Photographer Paul Bobko.

Art During The Occupation Gallery
TEMPORARY LOCATION: 119 Ingraham Street
Thursday-Sunday: Noon-6pm
Chocolate & Flowers, by Eva Mueller. Year 3, SOLO Exhibition 6. April 6th—April 29th.
Opening: Wednesday June 06, 7-9:30. Artist's Talk

American Jesus, by artist Chris Bors.
Opening: Friday May 25, 6:30-8. Closing Reception

Art Helix
299 Meserole Street
Saturdays & Sundays, 12-6PM

Black & White Gallery / Project Space
56 Bogart
Fri-Sun 1-6
Shanghai Black, Sook Jin Jo. April 6 - May 13.

Rolling Houses, Isidro Blasco continues to contemplate private and internal landscapes that have long influenced his practice. May 18 - June 24.
Opening: Thursday May 24, 6-9.
Brilliant Champions
5 Central Ave
(646) 543-9591
Tuesday � Saturday from 11-5
D R I F T, Dan Perkins + Joe Ferriso. March 9 - 31, 2018

Sleepless Nights, Solo exhibition by Andrew Tarlow. April 12 - May 5, 2018
Opening: Thursday April 12, 6-9.
396 Johnson Avenue
718 456 0396
Wednesday - Sunday 12-6pm
Eduardo Paolozzi.

Century Pictures
1329 Willoughby Avenue
Flaschenpost, Roman Signer.JANUARY 19 - APRIL 08, 2018

Invisible Receivers, Claire Fontaine. APRIL 20 - JULY 27.
Opening: Friday April 20, .
David Schweitzer Contemporary
56 Bogart Street
Planet Ax4+1, Ruth Hardinger, Kelin Perry, Babs Reingold, Christy Rupp, Rebecca Smith, Babs Reingold. February 2 –25th.

Dress Shop
322 Troutman
12-6 Saturday-Sunday
Death of a Tail, an exhibition of new works on paper and canvas by Heather Benjamin. December 15, 2017 - January 12, 2018

Fisher Parrish Gallery
238 Wilson Ave
Saturday & Sunday 1–6
Loose Parts, Antone Könst & Clayton Schiff. January 19 – February 25.

Fresh Window
56 Bogart St, lower level
718 417 0783
Fri-Sun 1-6
Diana Sirianni : Small Dance or the Space of my Body
Opening: Friday April 13, 6-9pm.
Friday Studio Gallery
56 Bogart St., Lower Level South, Brooklyn.
917 909 0500
Fridays, 1 till 6PM
"Witch Hunt""Witch Hunt" An eclectic group show- Now till 5/25/2018

"Be Better!""Be Better!" An eclectic group show. 6/1 to 6/29/2018
Opening: Friday June 01, 6-8pm. 

Fuchs Projects
56 Bogart St. #1E
Fri-Sun Noon-6pm

Grace Exibition Space
840 Broadway, 2nd Floor. BROOKLYN
7-9pm 2nd / 4th Mondays, 9-11pm, 2nd/4th Fridays

Honey Ramka
56 Bogart St.
Sat-Sun 1-6
Fugue, with work by Sam Bornstein, Judy Glantzman, Kate Klingbeil, Nikki Mehle, Dasha Shishkin, Kyle Vu-Dunn, and Ana Wieder-Blank. February 2nd-March 4th.

Image Gallery
1501 Broadway
Tues-Fri 12-6
F*ck Art, a group exhibition contextualizing every day desires as it straddles the intimate, private and the public arena.

Interstate Projects
66 Knickerbocker Ave
Sat-Sunday, 12-6 pm
The Celibate Machine, Cindy Ji Hye Kim, Organized by Jonah Porter. April 6 – May 6. Opening Reception April 6, 6-9pm
Opening: Friday April 06, 6-9.Enigmatic Group Therapy, Colin Foster with EGT. Organized by Jonah Porter. May 18 – June 18.
Opening: Friday May 18, 6-9.
1040 Metropolitan Avenue
Wednesday - Friday, 12:00 - 6:00
Leaps and Bounds, an exhibition in ISCP’s Project Space, organized in collaboration with the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College. March 6–April 28.
Opening: Friday April 27, 6-9. Open Studios

Ether Plane~Material Plane, Jennifer Tee. March 6-June 8. Sonia Louise Davis: Sound Gestures. a new site-specific installation in ISCP’s Project Space, drawing from her multi-year focus on improvisation, with considerations of music, movement, struggle, assembly and transcendence.
Opening: Tuesday May 22, 6:30-8:30.
John Doe
112 Waterbury Street
Fri-Sun 1-6
Michael Chandler and Charlie Rubin. March 1 - 22.

Kimberly -Klark
788 Woodward Avenue
Sunday from 12-5pm
Pollen Chain, Rebecca Friedman.
Opening: Saturday April 14, 7-10.
Knockdown Center
52-19 Flushing Ave. (Maspeth Queens)
(347) 915-5615
Saturdays and Sundays 2-6

Koenig & Clinton
1329 Willoughby Avenue
Thurs-Sun: 11AM-6PM
Remote Viewer, Tyler Coburn. April 20-June 2.
Opening: Friday April 20, 6-9.Life as Canon Sees It, Steven Baldi. March 2–April 8.
1623 Hancock St. Ridgewood
Saturday & Sunday 1- 6

Luhring Augustine Bushwick
25 Knickerbocker Ave.
Thurs-Sun 12-5:30
Tokyo Color, Daido Moriyama. September 9 - October 22.

Singles' Mixer, Mike Kelley. November 4 – January 28.
1329 Willoughby Ave #2B, Brooklyn, NY 11237
Thurs-Mon 1-6PM, and by appointment
All that is solid melts into eros, Bradley Eros. March 16 - April 22.

Eigenpictures, Kevin Reuning, April 27 - June 3.
Opening: Friday April 27, 6-9.
Norte Maar
88 Pine Street, in Cypress Hills
Sat and Sun

Andrew Szobody. Mar 31-May 13
Opening: Saturday May 12, 4-6. Closing Reception

56 Bogart Street (Basement Galleries)
Thu–Sun, 12–6pm
(Social) STATUS: UPDATE, curated by students from Juan Morel Campos High School with Allison Peller and featuring artists Tyler Bohm, Maria De Los Angeles, Wojciech Gilewicz, Kay Gordon, and Yeimi Salazar. May 19–June 10, 2018.
Opening: Friday May 18, 7-9pm. 

229 Cook Street
Fri-Sun 1-6
Fever Songs, Concert: The Orangetown ResolutionFever Songs' composer John Morton and bassist Scott Colley create an interactive, experimental sound work with stand up bass and computer. ODETTA has partnered with. Creative Tech Week, a city-wide symposium to promote the intersection of art and technology.

Curmudgeon, David Borawski, Carla Rae Johnson, Rita Valley and Flat File Feature Artists Patricia Dahlman and Gil Scullion. June 1 - July 1.
Opening: Friday June 01, 6-8.
Outpost Artists Resources
1665 Norman St
718. 599.2385

Present Co.
254 Johnson Avenue
1-6 Saturdays and Sundays
Audra Wolowiec and Sreshta Rit Premnath.

Robert Henry Contemporary
56 Bogart St.
(718) 473-0819
Thu-Sun 1-6pm
A Quiet Place, an exhibition of three new paintings on canvas by Mike Childs and two new paper constructions by Nancy Cohen, both of whom use human-made and non-human-made systems, shapes and patterns to explore time, space and the human condition. PROJECT SPACE: Pauline Galiana: Talkatives. June 1 - July 29.
Opening: Friday June 01, 6-9.Remote Barrier Storage, Through shifts in scale and substitutions of materials, sculptor Noah Loesberg recontextualizes items from construction trades, architectural details, patent drawings, illuminated manuscripts and for this exhibition, concrete highway barriers. Project space: Melissa Vandenberg: Monument. April 13 - May 25.
Opening: Friday April 13, 6-9.
286 Stanhope Street
Tom Costa.March 24-April 22

Skittles, Jamison Brosseau. Saturday, May 5 - Sunday, June 3, 2018
Opening: Saturday May 05, 6-9.
260 Johnson Avenue
347 746 8457
Sat-Sun, 1-6
Is it God, or am I Dog, a multimedia installation by FlucT (Sigrid Lauren and Monica Mirabile), featuring narrative soundscapes and original choreography displayed across multiple video sculptures. The exhibition links the explicit control in FlucT’s choreography with the implicit social control of widespread cultural psychosis. March 23rd - May 6th.

Silas von Morisse Gallery
109 Ingraham Street, suite 102
646 331 3162
Thu - Sat 12 - 6
Eight PaintingsStephen Maine. Angels, Juliette Dumas. April 5-29
Opening: Thursday April 05, 5-8.
Slag Contemporary
56 Bogart St. #005
212 967 9818
Thurs-Sat. 12-6
Beyond and Within, a sculpture project by Dumitru Gorzo.

Guy Van Bossche. May 13 -June 10.
Opening: Sunday May 13, 5-8.
56 Bogart Street
Thursday - Sunday, 12-6pm
Hail and Farewell: Tyrants at Play, Lucy Hodgson. Rubberneck, Luis Mejico. April 19 – May 20.
Opening: Friday April 20, 6-9.Susan Hockaday | Nancy Rodrigo | Caroline Sinders.March 15 – April 15.
Opening: Friday May 11, 7-9. Weird Sister Presents: Writing at the Intersections of Feminism & Pop Culture Fri. May 11, 7-9pm

Songs for Presidents
1673 Gates Avenue (basement) Ridgewood, NY
Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 6
Silhouettes, Impressions, Shards, Artists: Linda Ganjian, Jeremy Stenger, Nichole van Beek. April 14 - May 6.
Opening: Saturday April 14, 6-9.
Space 776
229 Central Ave
Thursday to Saturday 12pm - 6pm. Sunday 2pm -6pm
A Little Sunshine, ink-wash landscapes by North Korean artists from the Sanggyun Choe Collection.

Studio 10
56 Bogart St.
Fri-Mon 1-6
Rat-A-Tattoo, Matt Freedman and Tim Spelios.
Opening: Saturday April 07, 8pm. Performance.

… and whatnot. Patrick Killoran. 3/9/18 - 4/8/18
Temporary Storage Gallery
119 Ingraham St., ground floor
Thursday-Sunday, 12-6 pm
Line Of Vision, Curated by: Jaynie Crimmins and Etty Yaniv. Sixteen artist inhabit the display cases on site with cohesive installations. Alex Sewell, Andrew Cornell Robinson, Yvette Molina, Thibaut Dapoigny, Christina Massey, Elise P. Church, Joseph Meloy, Kyle Gallup, Melissa Dadourian, Merav Ezer, Rosaire Appel, Arnie Lee, Jeanne Tremel, Audrey Stone, and Sylvia Schwartz.
Opening: Friday June 01, 7-9:30.
The Parlour
791 Bushwick Ave
(718) 360-3218
Sundays 12-6pm

Theodore: Art
56 Bogart Street
Fri-Sun 1-6
Oliver Wasow, Selected Works. 1983 - 2017. March 2 - April 22.

A Bitta PIL, Dennis Morris. May 4 - June 17.
Opening: Friday May 04, 6-9.
1030 Metropolitan Ave
Saturdays 2 - 7
The Great Code, animated gifs and prints suggesting the order of knowledge has been collapsed and compressed. The culminating work has evolved in Lorna Mills’ studio over the past 15 years. Through March 24
1329 Willoughby Avenue, 2A
Friday 6-9pm, Weekends 12-6pm
Living Still, featuring Jonathan Chapline, Mark Dorf, Pedro Pedro, Michael Stamm, Lynn Talbot, Robin F. Williams, and Crys Yin. April 6-May 6.
Opening: Sunday May 06, 3-6.what's MY line, Alicia McCarthy, Maria Vasconcelos, Julia Couzens, Miles Neidinger, Adam Fowler. May 11- June 17.
Opening: Friday May 11, 6-9.
1329 Willoughby Ave, #2
Saturday and Sunday, 12-6pm
Magic Shell, a group exhibition curated by Jackie Hoving that includes the work of Jane Lefarge Hamill, Lucy Kim, Norm Paris, Clement Valla, Nichole van Beek, and Kemar Wynter. May 11 – June 17.
Opening: Friday May 11, 6-9.
87 Richardson St.
Sat-Sun 1pm - 6pm

56 Bogart Street
Thurs-Sun, 1-6pm

New Wave, Amanda Martinez, February 23 - April 8.
1109 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221
Saturdays and Sundays 1–5
Play without Play, Ling-lin Ku, Recent Sculptural Installations. March 16 - April 7



Bedford-Stuyvesant Galleries
American Medium
424 Gates Ave.
+1 201 396 7642
Th-Sun 12 PM - 5 PM
Winter Sessions: a season of events Dec 4th - Feb 14th

Brooklyn Children's Museum
145 Brooklyn Avenue
718 735-4400
Tues-Sun, 10-5
Our City, a contemporary artists that examines the components that make up a neighborhood. Children will take on the roles of urban planners, artists, architects, and visionaries as they talk about the places they call home. Our City includes artwork by Aisha Cousins, Brooklyn Hi-Art Machine (Oasa Duverney and Mildred Beltre), Elizabeth Hamby, James Rojas, Priscilla Stadler, and Rusty Zimmerman. March 10 to September 4.

495 Rogers Avenue
Friday - Sunday, 12-5pm

The Bishop
916 Bedford Avenue
lim Smith, Andre Uncut, Anthony Thomas, Antoinette Thomas, Ebony Bolt, Flash Ketchum, GAIAearthpeace, Jeffrey Henson Scales, SVNCRWNS "Brother's Keeper Exhibition" curated by Bria Brown.

Welancora Gallery
33 Herkimer Street
Thursday-Sunday 12pm-6pm
Mirrored by Nature.Adrienne Elise Tarver, David Rios Ferreira, Oasa DuVerney, Tajh Rust. curated by Corrine Y. Gordon.
Opening: Saturday April 14, 6-9.


Dumbo/Downtown Galleries
--DUMBO First Thursday--
First Thursday Gallery WalkAll galleries and cultural institutions stay open late.
Opening: Thursday April 05, 6-9.
A.I.R. Gallery
155 Plymouth Street
Tues-Sun 12-6
Daria Dorosh | 45th Anniversary Exhibition - Women's health | Caroline Wayne.March 15 - April 15, 2018

Kathleen Schneider, Dominique Duroseau, Karen Leo. April 20 - May 20.
Opening: Friday April 20, 6-8.
Art In General
145 Plymouth Street
Tuesday-Saturday, 12-6pm
Unlearning Dystopia: Queer Utopias, the last of three events elaborating on themes of utopia and dystopia in Art in General’s New Commission by Zach Blas, Contra-Internet. The series, hosted by the publication Shifter, invites special guests to present participatory workshops that explore ideas of ecotopias, black utopias, and queer utopias.
Opening: Saturday April 14, 5-9.Contra-Internet, Zach Blas, Curated by Laurel Ptak. January 27–April 21, 2018
Brooklyn Historical Society
128 Pierrepont Street
Fri, Sun 12 -5; Sat 10 -5
The Means of a Ready Escape: Brooklyn's Prospect Park July 13, 2017 - July 13, 2018

Issue Project Room
22 Boerum Place
Vanessa Rossetto and C. Lavender.Opening: Saturday May 12, 8pm.
Janet Borden Inc
91 Water St.
Tuesday–Saturday 11am–5pm
Photography Jan Groover.
Opening: Thursday April 05, 6-8.
Klompching Gallery
89 Water Street
Wed-Sat 11-6pm
R. J. Kern.Opening: Thursday May 10, 6-9.
Long Island University/Humanities Gallery
LIU Brooklyn 1 University Plaza Brooklyn,
9-6pm (m-f) & 12-6 (Sat.)
Crystalline City, Michael Gavish. April 2 - May 25.
Opening: Tuesday April 17, 6-8.
Minus Space
16 Main St.
Weds-Sat 12-6pm
Sharon Brant, March 3 - April 28.

Late Spring.Michael Brennan. May 5 - June 30.
Opening: Saturday May 05, 6-8.
Smack Mellon
92 Plymouth St
Wed-Sun 12-6
Art Ready Exhibition, Selected Work from the Artist Mentorship Program. Wednesday, May 9 - Sunday, May 13. AFRICA'SOUT! Carry Over: New Voices from the Global African Diaspora. Guest Curator: Kalia Brooks. June 2 through June 30.
Opening: Friday June 01, 7-11.TapestriesLina Puerta's paper and mixed-media works are inspired by Renaissance tapestries. March 10 - April 22.
Opening: Sunday April 22, 6-9. Lina Puerta and Summer Wheat artist talk at

United Photo Industries
16 Main St.
Monday - Friday, 11-6
Forgiveness & Conflict: Landscapes from Nelson Mandela's South Africa. by SARA TERRY. April 10 – May 26.
Opening: Tuesday April 10, 6-9.


Boerum Hill Galleries
490 Atlantic Gallery
490 Atlantic Ave.
Tues. - Sat. 2:00 - 6:00
In Plain Sight, Dexter Buel, Jim Osman, John Parris. March 17-April 22.

Marcy Rosenblat / Laura Newman. New Paintings.
Brooklyn Workshop Gallery
393 Hoyt Street
Thurs-Fri 1 - 6, Sat-Sun 11 - 7

Court Tree Collective
371 Court Street
The XY Chromosome Project. The recent collages of filmmakers Mark Street and Lynne Sachs. Street and Sachs have been making films individually and collaboratively for over 30 years, which is also the length of their relationship as a couple. May 10th - May 31st.
Opening: Thursday May 10, 7-9.
The Invisible Dog
51 Bergen St
Thu-Sun 1-7pm
Seed/PondHalsey Chait. March 10 – April 22



Fort Greene/Clinton Hill Galleries
321 Gallery
321 Washington Avenue
Saturday 12-5
Dan Boardman. March 3–31, 2018

BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music)
30 Lafayette Ave.
(718) 636-4100
Open during BAMcafe hours and by appointment
2017 Next Wave Art: Loss for Words, Peter Jay Sharp Building and BAM Fisher

Teknopolis, The digital world becomes your stage in this immersive intersection of art and technology, back for year two at the BAM Fisher featuring a whole new roster of works by boundary-pushing digital artists. Feb 24—Mar 11.
BRIC House
647 Fulton Street
Tue-Sun 10-8pm
Sophia Narrett: Certain Magic Sophia Narrett creates complex embroideries that express the power of intimacy and desire in the digital age. By casting figures sourced from the Internet into carefully embroidered scenes, she responds to a world of immediate, often treacherous media with an idiosyncratic fantasy. Through undulating embroidered surfaces, and edges that dissolve into loose threads or sculptural flora, Certain Magic tells a disconcerting narrative of modern longing that layers the surreal with the mundane. In the exhibition, chemistry, romance, and perhaps delusion, transform backyards and living rooms into sites for magic and escapism. OPENING RECEPTION: May 11, 2018 7-9PM ON VIEW: Through June 17, 2018
Opening: Friday May 11, 7-9.
Corridor Gallery
334 Grand Ave
Tue-Thu 10-6, Fri-Sat 12-6

80 Hanson Place
Wed-Sun 12-7pm
A Journey Where There is No North Star, Curated by: Oshun Layne. Artists: Ariel Jackson, Madiaw Ndiaye, and Lavar Munroe.

Pratt Institute Galleries
200 Willoughby Avenue, Chemistry Building 1st floor
Mon-Fri, 11am-5pm

647 Fulton Street
Tues-Sat 12-6pm
On Reflection brings together works concerned with reflection in the physical sense, and reflecting the conditions of contemporary experience. Featuring Rowena Harris, Jim Hodges, Cara Lynch, Esther Ruiz, Patrice Renee Washington and Kate Shepherd.
Opening: Wednesday May 23, 6-8.


Park Slope/Gowanus Galleries
440 Gallery
440 6th Ave
Thu-Fri 4-7, Sat-Sun 11-7
Dark Matter, new work by Ellen Chuse. April 26th - May 27th.
Opening: Sunday May 27, 4-7. Closing Reception

Transfigure, by Gail Flanery. May 31 - July 1
Opening: Thursday May 31, 6-8.
Brooklyn Museum
200 Eastern Pkwy
Wed-Fri 10-5, Sat-Sun 11-6, First Sat of the month
Roots of “The Dinner Party”: History in the Making Oct 20–March 4. Soulful Creatures: Animal Mummies in Ancient Egypt, through Jan 21. Proof: Francisco Goya, Sergei Eisenstein, Robert Longo. Through Jan 7. Arts of Korea. Infinite Blue. A Woman’s Afterlife: Gender Transformation in Ancient Egypt.

Cathouse Proper
524 Court Street
Fri-Sun 12-6pm and by appointment
Atwood Rd and Grid, Tribble & Mancenido’s series, which employ photography as a foundation but also, in this gallery installation, build space. Through June 17
Opening: Saturday May 12, 12-8pm.This Ain't Safe, Tariku Shiferaw. March 24-May 6.
558 St. John's Place
Thu-Sun 1-6pm
Unreality Bomb, Eric Ashcraft, Jake Brush, Dan Fig, Paul Gagner, Maggie Goldstone, Duy Hoàng, Jessica Tawczynski. Curated by Alex Sewell. In Between Daylight. An installation by Cecile ChongMarch 17 - April 15.
Opening: Friday May 04, 7pm. Fields (intro) Performance by Aye Eckerson

the failed utopian & Other Stories, Cyrilla Mozenter. Desire, Johnny was, a site-specific installation by Vladimir Cybil Charlier. On View: April 21 - May 13, 2018
Opening: Sunday May 06, 4pm. Artist Talk: Cyrilla Mozenter

Gowanus Souvenier
567 Union St.
Thursday-Sunday: 10 am-7 pm

Ground Floor Gallery
343 5th Street (off 5th Avenue)
Thurs-Fri, 2-6 Sat 12-6, Sun 12-5
5 Years. 5 Artists. 5 Solo Exhibitions. Peter Gynd, Blanketed: Textiles, Culture and the Landscape, Recent paintings and photographs.
Opening: Friday May 18, 6-9.Women at Work, three Brooklyn-based woman artists - Natalie Baxter, Paola Citterio, and Leslie Tucker - whose work questions traditionally masculine or feminine labor roles and materials by reinterpreting family histories, consumer culture and politics.
Opening: Friday April 27, 6 - 8:30pm .
Open Source
306 17th St.
Wednesdays-Saturdays, 2-7pm
I Thought It Would Be Funny, Kathleen McDermott. April 26-May 31, 2018
Opening: Wednesday May 02, 7-9.Hand Luggage, Pirmin Hagen and Christine Katscher. March 16-April 21.
Opening: Saturday April 28, 7-9 . Artist Talk

Ortega y Gasset Projects
363 Third Avenue
1-6pm, Sat & Sun
Jesse Bransford, Curated by Zahar Vaks. On View: April 21–May 20th, 2018 Multi-Sense Story - Tuesday, May 22, 7pm
Opening: Tuesday May 22, 6-9.  an evening of a multi-sensory storytelling event fusing painting, cooking, violin playing, and storytelling to create a synthesized narrative experience. Featuring artwork, borsht, and stories by Zahar Vaks, A Washing away by Jesse Bransford, Challah Bread by Jonah Canner, and Violin playing by Yelena Vaks.

5th Birthday, To celebrate our 5th year Ortega y Gasset Projects (OyG) Co-Directors are each creating an original series of artist’s multiples that will be on sale at the party, along with OyG swag pins, tote bags, and MORE (think karaoke and dance party)! Proceeds from these affordable pieces support OyG’s continued programming for 2018 and beyond. Ortega y Gasset Projects is directed by the following artists: Eleanna Anagnos, Clare Britt, Catherine Haggarty, Eric Hibit, Will Hutnick, Leeza Meksin, Sarah Rushford, Zahar Vaks, and Lauren Whearty.
Opening: Wednesday June 06, 6pm. Q & A

Real Fine Arts
184 Sterling Place, Second Floor
Sat-Sun 12-6pm

OMFG Orgy of Stupid, Antek Walczak. February 10 - March 10.
165 7th Street
Tuesday-Friday 1pm-6pm
Black and White, curated by Rosario Güiraldes. With: Veronica Cianfrano, John Gallagher, Alexander Stark, Alfonso Olivia, Kassandra Palmer, Helen Cantrell, Margi Weir, Mark Schimsky, John Taylor, James Reeder, Candice Corgan, Nina Urlichs, Ashley Ja'nae, Bruce Thayer, Jane Schiowitz, Edith Hillinger, Hector Del Campo, Kay Vinson, Deborah Freedman, Jenene Nagy, Rachel Breen, Brenda Giegerich, Scott Foster, Frances Segismundo, Luca Spano, Neah Kelly, Carolin Wood, George Turner, Amy Faris, Lisa Warren, Merrill Steiger, Jean Scott, Nancy Brown, Samantha Morris, Anthony Ruscitto, Scott Springer, Laura Schneider, Jenny Lederer, Nicole Basilone, Edel Gregan, Gwen Gunter, Kimberly Callas, Neil Scriptunas, Philip Augustin, Enrique Leal, Alvin Griffin, Levent Tuncer, Benny Fountain, Erich Winzer, Kathleen Greco, Michael Beitz, Luther Konadu. Feb 16- March 11.

SRO Gallery
1144 Dean Street
Saturday and Sunday, 1-6
By the Rivers of Babylon, an exhibition of paintings by the artist and writer Jacqueline Bishop with selections from three separate but overlapping series: "Dudus," "Landscapes: Jamaica," and "Babylon & Zion." March 30-April 22.

Anthropocene, Robert Egert. Large and small paintings, works on paper. April 28-May 20.
Opening: Saturday April 28, 6-9.
The Cluster Gallery
200 6th st 3E
Wed to Sat: 12-6pm
Persona: Process Portraiture, Marcia Goldenstein, Judith Page, Leah Schrager, Gail Skudera. Curated by T. Michael Martin. Velocity of Minds, by Kwantaeck Park
Opening: Saturday April 07, 7-9.Change Without Change. curated by Jaynie Crimmins with the work of Alex Paik, Ann McRae, Beth Dary, Brandt Graves, Jeanne Heifetz, Karen Margolis, Liz Jaff, Nancy Baker, Paula Overbay, Valerie Huhn. The artists included in Change without Change use an economy of means in the production of their work generating multiple results. Each element is based on symmetry - creating physical properties that have an interchangeability in two or more directions. May 4-26.
Opening: Friday May 04, 7-9.
Trestle Projects
400 3rd Ave
Saturday & Sunday 1–6 pm
Peers, Curator: Katherine Murdock. Participating Artists: William Betts, Anita Cruz-Eberhard, Fidia Falaschetti, David Howe, Brent Owens, Jessica Rohrer. April 14 – May 27, 2018
Opening: Saturday April 21, 6-9.


Sunset Park Galleries
Kingsborough Art Museum
Art and Science Building, 2001 Oriental Blvd
Wonder SenseNatalia Zubko. March 8 - April 4.

Passages: Sculptures and Prints by Melvin Edwards, 1989-2017 April 18-May 16.
Opening: Wednesday April 18, 3-5.
NARS Foundation
201 46th St, 4th Floor
Mon-Fri, 1-5; Sat-Sun by appt.
Surface Tension, Aglae Bassens. Part + Parcel, Mark Joshua Epstein and Todd Kelly. April 6 - May 4.
Opening: Friday April 06, 6-8.
Tabla Rasa Gallery
224 48 Street
1:00 - 5:00 pm Thurs-Sat
Confessions and Reflections, Stephen Basso. April 15 - May 20.
Opening: Sunday May 20, 1-5. Closing reception

Trestle Gallery
850 3rd Ave. Suite 411
M/W/F 1:30-6:30
Borderline, curated by The Remix. Participating Artists: Bonnie Collura, Alex Ebstien, Fabienne Lasserre, & Adia Millet. March 9th through April 18th
Opening: Tuesday April 17, 7-9. Panel Discussion

Liminal Worlds, Featuring artwork by: Ashley Hope, Elizabeth Insogna, Anne Polashenski, Gregory Thielker. April 27th -June 6th. Panel discussion Tuesday May 8th, 7pm
Opening: Friday April 27, 7-9.


Red Hook Galleries
499 Van Brunt St
Sat-Sun, 1-6
Painting to Survive: 1985-1995, a timely exhibition of twelve painters who lived and created during the AIDS epidemic and the culture wars of the Reagan and Bush years.

Hot Wood Arts
481 Van Brunt Street 9B (2nd floor)
Weekends 1-6pm
Fruitopia, an exhibition featuring works by Mikel Glass, Will Kurtz, and Shannon McBride. Weekends, May 13th - June 10th 1-6pm
Opening: Saturday May 12, 6-11.
Kentler International Drawing Space
353 Van Brunt Street
Thu-Sun 12-5pm
T E M P L E , Jarrod Beck. March 9 - April 29, 2018
Opening: Saturday May 19, 12-2.connect + collect, A month-long series of events celebrating the Kentler Flatfiles
Opening: Sunday May 20, 12-2.
Kustera Projects
57 Wolcott St
Thurs-Sun, 12-6pm
Crone and Friends, Grant Stoops.

Peninsula Art Space
352 Van Brunt Street
Saturday-Sunday, noon-7pm

Pioneer Works
159 Pioneer St. Brooklyn NY 11231
Weds-Sun, 12-6
Second Sundays, a monthly series of open studios, live music, and site-specific interventions presented by Pioneer Works the second Sunday of every month. The series showcases artists in residence along with musical performances and DJs, curated by Olivier Conan.
Opening: Sunday May 13, 7-10.Meandering Curves of a Creek is Maia Cruz Palileo’s first solo institutional exhibition, comprised of a selection of recent paintings and drawings that continue the artist’s ongoing exploration of her personal identity, cultural heritage and feelings of multiplicity as a Filipino-American.
Opening: Sunday May 13, .
Small Editions
60 Sackett Street
Monday-Friday, 10am to 5pm
Show Your Hand , Art by Joeun Aatchim, Will Anderson, Andrea Bergart, Noah Breuer, Melissa Brown, Ellen Carpenter, Juliana Cerqueira Leite, Kari Cholnoky, Lauren Clay, Joey Cocciardi, Patrick Gantert, Daniel Glendening, Nicole Killian, Kimberly McClure, Molly McGeehan, Andria Morales, Sarah Nicholls, Brittany Nelson, Richard Nonas, Sheryl Oppenheim, Janelle Poe, Hayal Pozanti, Will Rahilly, Corina Reynolds, Beth Sheehan, Sarah Smith, Erin Sweeny, Mandy Vahabzadeh, Siebren Versteeg, Anne Vieux, & Sun You.

Waterfront Museum
290 Conover Street
Saturdays 1-5pm & Thursdays 4-8pm. Free.
Derelicts, Oil Paintings by Jim St. Clair. April 26 - May 26.
Opening: Saturday May 05, 2-5.