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Three Year Anniversary


Art openings and free booze go together like paint-spatter and blue jeans. Some confess that liquor is their primary motivator for attending said events. English Kills (114 Forrest St.) cleverly conflates these notions for its new show by positioning a walk-in cooler as the actual gallery entrance. “I Would Have Liked to Have Seen Montana” an installation by Andrew Ohanesian (with Tescia Seufferlein) literally puts the beer before the art. This fully stocked fridge, like the art show it opens into, offers variety enough to quench any thirst.

Through June 20th, English Kills “The 3 Year Anniversary” Show assembles exceptional work from represented artists and guests. There is no theme per se, but some broad strokes do emerge. These include a fresh take on the rendered figure and a brooding interest in landscape.

A dark jewel in this vein is “Teeth” by Lenny Reibstein. Described by gallerist Chris Harding as belonging to a “death-metal series”, “Teeth” depicts a forest scene of destruction, arcane and loosely rendered. This black and white tableau, part Guernica, part Rob Zombie, truly haunts. Nearby a chunky figural abstraction by Brent Owens sits, Guston-like and prosthetic. The engaging “Line Study / Pariah Dog” is a carved wooden limb with torn tube sock revealing two delicately manicured toenails.

Lastly, a small but impactful collage by Andrew Hurst, “Black Swan”, charms and beguiles. A shodo calligraphic gesture paired with an elegant font and torn paper appliqué reminds us that there is still a place in art for the economic, the considered and the composed.

—Enrico Gomez