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Like the Spice

"Tectonics", a word that refers to both the processes of construction and the geological attributes of the earth�s crust, makes a perfect title for the collection of work by sculptor Matt Stone, currently on view at Like the Spice Gallery (224 Roebling St.). From large freestanding forms to small, barnacle-like wall mounts, Stone's work transforms the gallery into a futuristic science lab, wherein off-world soil samples inter with sub-oceanic biform that threaten to mutate before our very eyes.

Curling mantis-like within the gallery center, a large helix shaped sculpture, made of cardboard blooms, candy-colored foam and slashed spandex, cranes and seems ready to strike; like an alien monster from a summer sci-fi movie. But this behemoth holds an entire world of microorganisms within; covered in paper dahlia clusters, bright coral tendrils and push-pins that read like tiny fungi dancing gingerly across a field.

Along the wall, six large plexiglass tubes ooze sherbet colored foam. Appropriately titled "Core Sample" the contents of these containers fascinate as they press rainbow magma against glass, a carbonation fizzle now frozen in time.

Another large sculpture seems impossibly suspended from a steel girder. "Cyclone" consists of a storm of pyramid blocks, electric blue netting and fine strands of resin drip. The tension between macro and microcosmic concern plays out here beautifully. Like subway cars submerged to become reefs, much of Stone" work carries the man-made and the monolithic through accretion to become an aesthetic ecosystem, pulsing and teeming with delicate life. (through July 31st)

—Enrico Gomez