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November/December Art in Brooklyn


The recent weeks have proved quite a challenge to artists, gallerists and the entire New York area from the destruction of Hurricane Sandy and the subsequent damages to local power and transit infrastructures. Much concerted effort has gone into repair and restoration of the areas most adversely affected by the storm, but there is admittedly, still much more work to do.

We encourage everyone, of course, to continue to support your local art venues in whatever way is most amenable to you, as always, but especially now in the wake of these current events.

One of the best and most primary ways to support these venues is to visit them and the following is a small sampling of the myriad shows worth looking deeper into: Sugar (449 Troutman St. #3-5, Bell#21), in Bushwick offers “Expressly Physical,” which includes the sculptures of Cassie Rahl and the paintings of Seren Morey, both of which exhibit a wide range of tactile surfaces; cracked paint, foam and felt, tendrils of acrylic medium and folded metal, a feast of sensorial information. Five Myles (558 St.Johns Place) offers a handsome group show on the “American Landscape,” curated by artist Dan Carlson, which offers 15 young artists exploring ‘terra firma’ in ways that surprise and engage. Curator David Gibson compiles a promising group show entitled “The Quantum Effect” at The Active Space (566 Johnson Ave), a show with 10 artists, including the talented Jonathan Feldschuh and Jeanne Tremel. And in a group show with timely themed subject matter including “finality” and “destruction,” Parker’s Box (193 Grand St) presents “Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine” and intriguing assortment of video and sound based works from six international artists. Finally, The Skylight Gallery (1368 Fulton Street, second floor) in Bed-Stuy offers “Healings” an impressive group show of over 30 artists, whose work explores the promising and opportune principle that art does in fact, heal (an idea that, of late, we all can and should, get behind). Please peruse our listings, call to verify operating hours, but most importantly, go, see, and celebrate Brooklyn’s many vibrant and enduring art offerings.

—Enrico Gomez