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4 Paintings

Regina Rex

On view at Regina Rex (17-17 Troutman St. #329) through August 4th, “Four Paintings: Picture Window” presents one painting per artist per wall, all of which include elements of the human figure and employ deep, vibrant color. Foremost among these is Scratchpad by Summer Wheat; an exhilarating gestural image of a tubular limbed female, depicted spread-eagle and stimulating her crotch. Here the wanton urgency of bathroom stall graffiti meets the majestic repose of the Barberini Faun. The akimbo angles in Wheat’s work are echoed in the adjacent, “Small Brown One” by Hannah Barrett; a terse, androgynous figure, in vintage beige pantsuit, which sits in a garish easy chair as patterns of clothing, upholstery and wallpaper collide in thick creams, ochers, and Prussian blues. Across the gallery hangs an untitled work by Becky Kinder in which figurative patterns of magenta and white blur the distinction between one silhouetted figure and two. Lastly, Linda Gallagher’s “Selma,” a painting inspired by the film, “Dancer in the Dark”, confronts the viewer with a quizzical collage of imagery. Atop an institution-green field, a woman (presumably the films protagonist) covers her face with her hands, while disembodied limbs attend the disturbing scene. By presenting only four works, Regina Rex highlights the formal similarities and connectors between them and foregrounds the experience of visual communion present within any well-curated show.

—Enrico Gomez