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Brooklyn goes to the Fairs


The Armory Week is always a big affair in the city, and no less so in Brooklyn. Expect both Williamsburg and Bushwick to host late night gallery offerings on Saturday March 8th to coincide with the festivities (details at wagmag.org) and also expect to see a strong Brooklyn presence within the fairs themselves.

Starting with The Armory Show (Piers 92 and 94, Manhattan) see Williamsburg’s very own Pierogi Gallery and catch Bushwick’s Clearing Gallery, showing works by Harold Ancart.

At the solo-booth fair Volta in Soho (82 Mercer St. Manhattan) catch three Bushwick art spaces; Slag, Studio 10 (with Meg Hitchcock’s mandala-like repurposed sacred texts) and Robert Henry Contemporary, showing painstaking gouache drawings by Robert Lansden.

The curator-driven art fair Spring/Break (233 Mott Street, Manhattan) presents an exhibition by Causey Contemporary’s Tracy Causey-Jeffery.

At the Independent (548 West 22nd St., Manhattan) go to Greenpoint’s Real Fine Art booth and at the video art fair Moving Image (269 Eleventh Avenue, Manhattan) visit Bushwick galleries Transfer and Microscope Gallery, who will be offering works from Lisa Gwilliam & Ray Sweeten (DataSpaceTime) and Zach Nader.

At Scope (312 W. 33rd St., Manhattan) visit Rush Arts Gallery and Fuchs Projects.

At Fountain Art Fair (68 Lexington Ave., Manhattan) enjoy strong contributions from galleries across North Brooklyn including Bushwick’s Grace Exhibition Space, Greenpoint’s Calico, Dumbo’s Mighty Tanaka, and Front Room Gallery in Williamsburg. Lastly, the Whitney Biennial opens this week (945 Madison Ave., Manhattan), which is sure to include a smattering of Brooklyn talent, of which Dumbo gallery Minus Space’s Matthew Deleget will be a part. Brooklyn talent looms large this month, at the art fairs and beyond.

—Enrico Gomez