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Art into Music


Visit the Gallery at BRIC House this month for “Art into Music”, an exhilarating group exhibition, expertly curated by BRIC Director of Contemporary Art, Elizabeth Ferrer.

The most obvious crowd pleaser here is an 11’ high, freestanding wall, comprised entirely of boom boxes, by artist Bayete Ross Smith. Entitled “Got the Power: Brooklyn”, this impressive and motley monolith matches, in visual scale, the auditory impact that popular music can have. Nearby, a grouping of works by multi-disciplinary artist Karlos Carcamo, likewise focuses on the material forms traditionally used to convey sound. In the sculpture “Rock Box”, Carcamo employs a microphone stand that curls inward on itself, seeming to sway, performer like, to the music that passes within. Nearby stands his substantial sculpture made of 300 perfectly stacked LP albums, recalling the minimalist works of Donald Judd in a shape that buzzes with unlocked, aural energy.

Don’t miss “The War Song”, a single channel HD video by Angel Nevarez and Valerie Tevere wherein the Norwegian Radio Orchestra (which performs at the yearly Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony) and lauded chanteuse Jenny Hval perform a re-purposed version of a Culture Club hit in somber, foreboding tones that seem unfortunately, ever more apropos.

On a lighter note, artist Audra Wolowiec offers, “The Music of the City is Free”; blocks of 6,000 free posters which simply offer the title on white paper, a Cage-ian frame through which the ever changing aria of the city is considered. Exceptional visual contributions by Rashaad Newsome, Ward Shelley, and Dread Scott round out this museum-quality event, which is, like the works of Audra Wolowiec, free for the taking. (through 4/27).

—Enrico Gomez