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Texture. Color. Form. These are a few of the first connections one draws between the works currently on view in Palimpsest, a two-person group show at Underdonk (17-17 Troutman Street #201) showcasing the work of Inna Babaeva and Lauren Clay.

et al While a small gallery, what Underdonk lacks in physical space it more than makes up for in considered programing and careful installation. For Palimpsest, two white, rug-like wall sculptures from Lauren Clay are paired with a sculpture of neon green foam emanating from a tin pail and an installation of Lucite panels bearing the repeated image of this foamy paint spill. The repetition of imagery and texture in this show activates the implications of the title (a palimpsest is a writing surface that has been effaced to make room for new text, but on which traces of the erased text yet remain), but so to does the subject matter, i.e. the possible references within Clay's forms to the Black Paintings of Frank Stella, only here offered in corpulent papier-mache and cotton ball white pulp. The interplay between the bloated yet ordered forms of Clay and the regurgitant excess spilling from Babaeva's works make for engaging viewing and the rounded fields of white in Clay's work make nice counterpoint to the acrid, neon green within Babaeva's. This is a charming show and like the title might imply, you won't get a full view of each artists interests but rather, see traces of each within the other. (through April 28th)

—Enrico Gomez