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Williamsburg Every Second

Why be first when you can be second, “Every Second”? With the advent of the 2007 season, the WAGA begins its new “Williamsburg Every Second” soiree, a late-night gallery event that will energize the ides of any month. Debuting Friday September 14, and continuing monthly every second Friday (get it?) Williamsburg’s galleries will host viewers till 11pm with art, performance, booze, and music. Some high-points worth droping in for are: A 10-foot-tall cell tower, inspired by the artworks of Travis Lindquist, designed to capture, monitor and rebroadcast wireless signals in the internet-savvy neighborhood of Williamsburg Brooklyn at Capla Kesting Fine Art. A gallery filling urban landscape under siege constructed from cardboard, paper, and scrap lumber by Mark Stillwell at Front Room. Labor intensive paintings by Michelle Forsyth will be on view at Hogar Collection. “Out Of Sight” Curated by Gillian S. Wilson, is an investigation of intangible landscapes, fantastic objects, and reconfigured spaces at Slate. A performance by Curtis Carman, Zach Fabri and Diinonn Brooks entitled "Patty Cake Dribble" at Klaus Von Nichtssagend Gallery. A selection of challenging new paintings by Chris Dam, and dangerous looking sculptures by Mark Andreas at Dam & Stuhltrager. "Endemic Constructions" the first New York solo show by Anna Druzcz, featuring digitally composed photographic landscapes at Like the Spice. And Finally "VENDOR DIRECT: Art by Art Store Workers," a massive group show featuring works by New York’s community of art store workers, at Art101.

—James Kalm