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Compass: New Directions

Black & White Gallery

The term "museum quality" sprung to mind the moment I set eyes on the latest show at Black and White. There is a quietness about the presentation and the works that induces an afternoon at the Whitney sensation. The nine pieces, look mature and important, even familiar, but you're not sure who they’re by. They could easily stand between Naumans and Hesses without looking bettered. They are not overtly of the moment, groundbreaking in content or material, but are a pleasure to slowly circle, with a solidity of character that inspires respect, yet not at the expense of surprise. Kathy Marmor's Garden Variety is a delicate grid of fibers but approach it and behold! a trellis of buzzing, low-tech devices that gleefully bear their souls. Dream Suspended by Yuki Nakamura, appears to be a simple construction, playful and spontaneous, but get closer, look harder you see is a sophisticated refelection on a life-changing event. The turgidly written release states that these artists, all women, "utilize abstraction to frame a visual dialogue that rotates boundaries and transforms the subjective object into an objective eperience". I'm not sure about that, but I thank them for the luxury they've provided on Driggs Street, that of being able to step from a sidewalk into a sanctuary.

—Rodger Stevens