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“On Its Head”

Dam, Stuhltrager

What is the function of art? Viewers have been asking this question since the first Cro-Magnon wiped snot on a cave wall and noticed its resemblance to a bison. With “On Its Head” art is given yet another potential, that of the ultimate recycler. With her first solo exhibition in New York, “Detritus Forest”, Devrim Kadirbeyoglu gives dumped Christmas trees, if not new life, then at least a renewed opportunity to be appreciated for their sacrifice. The front gallery is a grove of inverted pine, each tree dangling from a noose, as if victims of a mass execution, perhaps an allusion to the brutal exploitation of natures processes by corporate agricultural practices. Jennifer Junkermeier makes her curatorial debut with this pair of exhibitions in galleries two and three. “Devil’s Triangle Reprise” by Scott Kiernan reutilizes the overwhelming amount of information floating around and seeks to convert it into a lyrical material. Employing a custom made harp, whose strings correspond to the flight paths of US airports, Kiernan’s score (based on the schedules) emanates from a pyramid and along with video projections create an apparent abstract amalgam of light and tone. Acrylic paint both reconstituted and released from the canvas is the medium of choice for Guy Rozenstrich’s “Hybrids”. By seeing paint as more than illusionistic or coloristic, Rozenstrich pours, peels, piles and drapes membranes of pigment, and encourages observers to explorer their notions of what that “stuff” is, and what a painting is or could be.

—James Kalm