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David Sandlin

at Jack the Pelican

Now don't think you can just waltz into Jack the Pelican, stroll along David Sandlin's seventy-foot long kaleidoscopic pageant of vice, and walk out like you've just read a Bazooka Joe comic. Sandlin has been diligently unpacking the American experience ever since he arrived here from Belfast over three decades ago, and he's still delivering the goods. Drawing inspiration from epic narrators like Dante and Hank Williams, Sandlin concocts fantastical, but never far-fetched, travelogues complete with their own rules and residents that, for all their lunacy, speak thoughtful boatloads about our culture, our religions, and our psyches. That's why you need to hang out with this work for a while - it's got soul. Like most great art - or food, or people -Sandlin's work arrives on multiple tracks simultaneously: It is a gas to behold visually, chromatically, structurally; as a result of a rich personal history and flexible-minded observation, it is insightful and illuminating; and it's just plain funny. It should also make a viewer feel good to see the work of someone who's been at his easel and in our galleries for tens of thousands of hours and still manages to pull off creative acts that pack all the magic of those first youthful forays. Thanks, Mr. Sandlin.

—Rodger Stevens