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Pocket Utopia

All the king's horses and, all the king's men might not be able to put the fractured elements of these works back together again. But that's where the fun comes in for you and me. A pile of broken crockery lined the wall under reconstructions of china plates using skillfully crafted wooden fill-ins by Dana Gentile. The touch of the hand is absent as chemical reactions from solar radiation render an odd spectrum that ranges from indigo to ochre in Bill Gerhard's "sun prints". Components of a girl's head are printed side by side in two silk-screens by Sophy Naess and require the onlooker to recombine them in memory while Susan Walters sculpts a tiny alpine world inhabited with creatures that channel Dr. Seuss by way of Giacometti. HEADS UP! Later this month at Pocket Utopia, the proto-Feminist, proto-Conceptualist, proto-Art World mind fuck, Lee Lozano, will be memorialized with a massive 12 X 60 foot billboard installation paying homage to her paintings by Fred Gutzeit. Lozano, a 1960s dope smoking art and created paintings, performances and text based works prescient of todayss Post-Modern attitudes. After a brief decade long career in New York, she decamped to Texas and lived out her next thirty years in obscurity. Resurfacing with a one person show at PS1 in 2004 it seems “the scene” has finally caught up with this Downtown Bad Girl. Gutzeit's With Love, Lee Lozano will be in installation from October 15, and will open October 25, 2008. —James Kalm

—James Kalm