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Noah Loesberg: Infrastructure & Kelli Miller: Believer


New Media, is a category of work that seems to be relegated to a status similar to the “Metrosexual.” Not quite willing to come out of the closet as straight technology, but not quite “pure” art either. Trendy computer programs, electronic gadgets and Deconstructivist theories are endorsed in lieu of restorative moisturizers and exotic hair products. North Williamsburg’s Vertexlist is the Burg’s outpost for New Media with “Infrastructure” and “Believer” their latest two person show, viewers get a sardonic look at not just popular culture, but art’s own cult of consumption too. Noah Loesberg fabricates scaled up versions of everyday objects ala Oldenberg with a twist. What appears to be a stack of ceramic sewer pipes is painstakingly crafted from corrugated cardboard and shellac, left me wondering about the permanence of any manmade conduit for shit. A huge mockup of a smoke detector comes complete with the drone of a mechanical voice reciting daily journal entries. Dueling monitors display mock-commercials and self-help videos of ravenous mouths eating stacks of cookies produced by Kelli Miller. See these on a motel TV at 2:30 in Barstow and their artifice, might slip right by, but here, a stack of cartoony craft shop crystals on the floor in front, reinforce their aesthetic context. Maybe next you can recommend a night cream that might help these puffy eyes?

—James Kalm