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Tavares Strachan, Yoon Lee, and Jonathan Schipper.


The big new this month is Pierogi. Despite the current “market adjustment” they are opening a huge new space at 191 North 14th Street, between Berry St. and Wythe Ave. The new space will accommodate large sculptures, paintings, and installations that are too large for Pierogi’s space on North 9th and will function as events space for performances and screenings. Housed in a former factory’s boiler room, the inaugural exhibition features exciting works by three artists. Yoon Lee will show the 20 foot painting JFK, which was featured in her exhibition with the gallery last March. The hard edges conflation of architecture and swooshing abstraction are as thrilling as the technical precision. Jonathan Schipper’s 215 Points of View is a large ball of surveillance. Measuring six feet in diameter and equipped with 215 video cameras and monitors, the work is a disjointed video mirror with echoes of the HAL 9000. At once technological and tactile, the work is a cubist representation of its surroundings and an ominous sci-fi stand-in for the police state. The distance between what we have and what we want (Arctic Ice Project), Tavares Strachan’s ambitious installation/performance involves a 4.5 block of arctic ice transported and preserved in a large glass freezer powered by solar energy. While dealing with environmental issues, the work also has a serene sadness. I may be guilty of over-anthropomorphizing but I feel for the ice block; out of context, like an animal in a zoo, it’s kept in tenuous stasis and just out of reach.

—Dylan Peet