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Summer Group Show Season


For those of you who have decided to brave the sweltering NYC summer, and not retire to Fire Island, the Hamptons, Nice, or wherever it is New Yorkers go , there is quite a roster of summer group shows in Brooklyn this July and August. The possibility of seeing new pieces by local and international artists abound, here are some highlights for the summer season:

In Williamsburg you can see: Ch’i Contemporary featuring “Uprooted,” group drawing show; Cinders “Local Flavor,” inspired by the band “Blues Control;” and “Off the Clock,” at Like the Spice, featuring works by artists who work as well known artist’s studio assistants; Pierogi’s group show entitled “Cream, No Sugar” with works by their stable of artists.

In Greenpoint be sure to check out “Year 5: Survey,” featuring artists that have been show at Janet Kurnatowki over the past 5 years. Bushwick’s group show offerings include: “Plenty of Room on the Couch,” at Eastern District, featuring over 60 artists; “Bailout Burlesque,” at Factory Fresh, examining our current world situation; and “Bushwick Biennial,” at NURTUREart with 39 artists whose works consider sense of place.

In Dumbo be sure to check out AIR Gallery’s “t’ART,” summer salon show and Dumbo Arts Center’s “Structured Simplicity.”

Five Myles’ “Turnstile I”, in Crown Heights, features 44 paintings created by adolescent inmates at Riker’s Island, curated by Elizabeth Josephson.

Further south Under Minerva’s “Goddess,” features works by 10 female artists, and BWAC’s summer pier show “Art in Changing Perspectives,” takes advantage of the scenic Red Hook setting to present works by over 220 artists.

Be careful though, as summer dog days stretch, to check the galleries information for “special summer hours.”