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440 Gallery

Visions of Brooklyn fill the 440 gallery with a juried selection of artwork, curated by Florence Neal. A local artist, curator and co-director of Kentler International Drawing Space, Neal has selected artists to present work, inspired by the borough of Brooklyn. This exhibition forms an eclectic portrait of Brooklyn, from rooftop landscapes, delicate drawings of local flora, to bridges, backyards and parks, extending from the innards of the Gowanus canal to the boardwalk of Coney Island.

Greeting visitors from the storefront window is Karen Gibbons’ “Building Brooklyn”, a sculptural assemblage of photographic imagery of Brooklyn architecture on raw wood blocks. Matthew Viederman presents a watercolor depiction of the Thunderbolt, one of the three historic wooden roller coasters, which was demolished in 2000. This detailed painting of a lost piece of Coney Island history, carries nostalgia for the 1920’s era of seaside amusements.

Todd Erikson presents two drawings from his “Gowanus Canal Weed Series” which details plant species local to the canal area. Richard Eagan’s homage to Coney Island, features a fantastical architectural façade with a faded sign presenting ‘fast cars’ and washed imagery of corn on the cob.

The gallery hosts artists that fill a wide range of styles and media, amongst the 33 featured artists Philomena Marano, Tod Mason, Nan Carey and Ruth Marchese are not to be missed. The “Brooklyn” exhibition gives a tour of routes and sites of Brooklyn, as seen through the eyes of local artists, on view through July 25th.