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September in Brooklyn

As another art season kicks off this September there has been much speculation about the condition of the ‘Art World’. Articles in distinguished journals and newspapers alike have insinuated that the party is over…well maybe somewhere it is, but not in Brooklyn.

This year will be the 13th annual D.U.M.B.O. Art Under the Bridge Festival with over fifteen hundred artists in this multi-site, neighborhood-wide event, sponsored by Dumbo Arts Center.

The first annual Brooklyn Artillery Festival @ Castlebraid in Bushwick hosts six weeks of special events in conjunction with the Williamsburg Gallery Association. First Thursday in Dumbo and Second Friday in Williamsburg promise to pack the house with first-rate art (and second-rate wine).

In addition to these neighborhood art events, Causey Contemporary (formerly Chi’ Contemporary) and Front Room Gallery celebrate their 10th year anniversaries, and Pierogi commemorates its 15th with a raucous gravity racing spectacle at The Boiler that is not to be missed.

Parker’s Box hosts the already legendary Abri Bus, parked out front of the gallery and featuring magic shows and mind reading. Figureworks weird and wonderful tribute to Michael Jackson brings together three years of work by Rusel Parish. These and more will add to a month packed with exciting new exhibitions, art events, and celebrations of the fall art season.