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Brooklyn Environmental Sculpture


These days the environment is often at the forefront of our minds, and this October in Brooklyn it is BIG.

Wade Kavanaugh and Stephen B. Nguyen�s prodigious red installation, �The Experience of Green,� at Dumbo Art�s Center is a bewildering old growth forest in crimson converting the industrial Brooklyn space into a fantastical landscape � a walk in a mysterious red forest. The sheer overwhelming size of the trunks and roots of the massive carapaces, the rose colored crate paper used for the limbs, dwarfs and envelopes visitors to this familiar yet alien environment.

Next door at Smack Mellon the installation by Ellen Driscoll, in �Fastforwardfossil: Part II� is a counterpoint, examining another facet of man�s relation to nature. Focusing on consumption of oil and water Driscoll has collected thousands of plastic bottles and created a landscape almost 30 feet long. This multifaceted scene, comprised of #2 plastic bottles, using the architecture of infrastructure looks at man�s misuse of our most basic elements. Her dim views of our plight are reinforced by her somber, post-apocalyptic wall drawings. Fernando Souto�s photographs of ranching culture throughout the world speak of a group that have not yet lost their direct contact with the environment, cowboys.

In Williamsburg at Black and White Project Space the environmental outlook is no less harsh. Blane De St. Croix�s �Mountain Strip� takes a critical look at the strip mining process, and the mountain top removal by building a gargantuan upside down mountain landscape sculpture. This sculpture spills from the outdoor space and into the interior gallery, and reconstructs a section of the Kayford Mountain Ridge top in West Virginia.