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The No Place / Accented


Can you recall the last really great conversation you had? Mine was with a peer, recently, on spirituality and urbanization in Pre-Modern Europe. Dense and electric, I gleaned much insight from the time spent in that communicative space. The current shows at BRIC Rotunda Gallery in Downtown Brooklyn offer just such a space.

Through March 6th, BRIC Rotunda presents �The No Place� curated by Gallery Director Elizabeth Ferrer and �Accented� curated by 2010 Lori Ledis Emerging Curatorial Fellow Murtaza Vali. Both exhibitions are examples of the power of curatorial choice and the access made possible through the cogent application of their talents.

In �The No Place�, Ferrer assembles a discourse on the notions of Dystopia, Utopia and the spectrum in-between. The artwork�s exceptional, especially Paula Luttringers heartbreaking photo essay �Lamento de los Muros� (The Wailing of the Walls) documenting holding cells of female political prisoners and the brilliant installation, �Design for the Alien Within� by Jenny Polak which references the exchange of risk and trust between the oppressed and their allies. In �Accented�, curator Vali focuses on areas where the individual transcends perfunctory demarcation and considers the articulation of self. Stunning contributions here include Brendan Fernandes� �Foe�, a video of the artist being coached on the �proper� dialect of his various cultural derivations and �Touching From A Distance� by Angel Nevarez & Valerie Tevere, a conceptually stratous two-channel video of a public square protest paired with footage of a Mariachi band playing �Transmission� by Joy Division (Transcendent!)

It has been said that a well-curated show is like an excellent dinner party. But the gracious host, like the curator, knows that beyond the guest list, the place cards and the ambience it is the spaces in between us where the real event takes place. And we, the invited, need only bring ourselves.

—-Enrico Gomez