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Small Prints


Let's hear it for the boys! Gallerists, Andrew Kenney and Kevin Kunstadt continue the DIY tradition of Brooklyn art spaces in high form with K & K in South Williamsburg. Through the use of sliding and pivoting walls (installed by Kenney and Kunstadt themselves!) an occupied apartment quickly converts to a competent, functioning art gallery committed to young, emerging photographers.

Through March 22nd, the gallery is hosting "Small Prints", an impressive collection of 11X14 prints from 17 artists, all competitively priced at $100. Installed unframed and grouped by artist, this diverse, impressive display would seemingly offer a flavor for every palate.

My hands down favorite is a suite of luminous, reflective images by Anna Moller. Mollers's pictures remind us of the quiet moments in life that generally escape us and tend to be fuller than we realize. San Francisco based Noele Lusano's "Bones" and "David" (a rocky seashore and quasi-longshoreman) are stunningly crisp and cool, exuding the almost palpable elements of their subject matter. Sweetly hilarious, the work of Laura June Kirsch is best exemplified by "My Cousin, Jesus" (a pre-teen passion play). Kirsch highlights the occasionally ridiculous shapes we assume toward the maintenance of social procession and tradition. Also of note, Singapores' Erica Lai, who offers lush and verdant landscapes possibly as dense as the gardens they represent.

K & K has only been open since late November but, as evidenced by the promising "Small Prints" show, we are sure to see big things from it.

—-Enrico Gomez