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Polar Light: Greenland


Red Hook, perhaps more than any other place in New York, sustains close ties to its maritime past. Languid barges, a gull flecked sky and cobblestone streets that seem to open directly into the bay make this a perfect backdrop for "olar Light : Greenland" at Look North Inuit Art Gallery. On view through March (with possible extension) "Polar Light"features the sumptuous land and seascapes of the mother / daughter team, Zaria & Rena Bass Forman.

Zaria Forman's photorealist chalk pastels, soothing in tones of silvery blue, focus on the light between sea and sky. Delightfully, these studies blend seamlessly with the glinting harbor views seen through the galleries large arch windows. Rena Bass Forman's expansive, sepia toned photos of icebergs and glaciers recall the pictorialist style of Edward Steichen. Dreamy and gorgeous, a photographic treat in todays point and shoot world, this work does have a deeper objective; it accentuates the importance of glacial ice "as a compass of climate change".

Indeed the exhibition is held in conjunction with Al Gores "The Climate Project"; an international organization dedicated to raising awareness about our planetary climate crisis. A portion of the shows proceeds will go toward this special concern. The gallery is rounded out by an engaging selection of basalt and serpentine sculptures from the Inuit communities of Northern Canada and Alaska. These enchanting artifacts coupled with the Forman's transportive landscape imagery make a trip to the Look North Gallery, one that belies the miles actually traveled.

—-Enrico Gomez