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Wall Flowers


White stars, a giant sea urchin, a grounded alien spacecraft; these are a few initial reads of the fascinating forms currently on view (through April 13th) at Causey Contemporary (92 Wythe Ave.) “Wall Flowers”, an exhibition featuring the sculptural work of Norman Mooney, is a meditation on the interplay of scale, mass and permanence.

A perfect example is the voluminous “Wall Flower #1”, a pollen yellow explosion suggesting both the petal form and parachute ball of a dandelion, only at 50 times its original size. Marking some of the artists first forays into color, this piece and the equally engaging “Wall Flower #2” seem fantastical yet familiar. This contradiction extends through the materials to their optical impression. Constructed out of aluminum spikes, these structures seem as weightless and ephemeral as the subjects they reference.

Like dancers en pointe, the spindly and star-shaped “Windseeds” of the center gallery seem poised precariously on the edge of movement. Gallery Director and Founder Tracy Causey-Jeffery describes Mooneys work as “falling into or away from, the viewer”, a position corroborated by the experience of moving among it.

Echoed in the space itself, the aesthetic paradox continues. Grand and expansive, the new home of Causey Contemporary (all 4000 square feet of it), seems also intimate and contemplative. A press statement on the “Wind Seeds Series”, suggests a perfect summation, “(his work) conceptually deals with contraction and expansion, the end of what previously was and the birth of something new.” So Mazel Tov, Mooney and Causey! To color-filled beginnings and continual growth.

—Enrico Gomez