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“Summer Swell Tour”


BANG- suddenly summer’s here again and with it an embarrassment of riches for art aficionados. At Klaus Von Nichtssagend Glen Balsridge exhibits his drawing/print hybrids. A selection of forest landscapes require a moment of examination. Looking like photo negatives, these stark dark landscapes are created through a counterintuitive process of erasing highlights till velvety ghost-like images appear. Gaby Steiner at Like the Spice confronts us with an irreverent critique of Christian religious doctrines. Through the employment of painting, video, graphics, and photography, Steiner questions the seeming irrational nature of faith, and with it, the parallel acceptance of imagery and icons within popular cultural and advertising. “Eye wash” productions presents Peter Fox and Jean Tremel at Hogar Collection’s new space. Both painters come from a tradition that can be traced back to Abstract Expressionism, but the riveting quality of their works is the morphs and mutations that separate it from its sources. Fox fills pictures with a build up of drippy paint that coalesces into dappled membranes of multi-colored pigment. Tremel reinforces here delicate works on paper with a selection of small crocheted versions that are alluring studies of texture, color, and sculptural invention, like a grouping of exotic lilies retrieved from far off jungles.